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Outdoor in 24

Take a look at our support, resources and ideas for getting outdoors in Scouts throughout 2024 and beyond.

Outdoor in 24 is encouraging Scout sections, from Squirrels to Network, to get outside throughout 2024.

Whether it's for one meeting, going on a Night Away event or taking on the Outdoors in 24 challenge, we're hoping to get young people trying something new in the great outdoors this year. There's even an extra 24 hours from the leap year in 2024 for you to get outside.

If you're a new volunteer wondering where to start, or an experienced volunteer looking for some new ideas, we’ve brought together resources to help you plan and run outdoor activities with your groups.

We’re also encouraging volunteers to look into getting your Nights Away Permit and Adventurous Activities Permit if you want to. 

From making art from natural materials or sleeping under the stars to paddle-boarding across a lake or visiting a local farm, what will you get up to in the great outdoors this year?

What's new?

  • A fun new blanket badge
  • Take on the Outdoor in 24 challenge or set your own
  • More outdoor ideas on the activity finder
  • Guidance on choosing kit for a camp
  • Support for planning a camp menu
  • Ideas for themed camps
  • Regular blogs with outdoor programme inspiration

Take on the Outdoor in 24 challenge!

Take on our Outdoor in 24 bucket list and try to to earn the Outdoor in 24 blanket badge.

Our Outdoors in 24 challenge is a bucket list challenging you tocomplete 24 exciting things in 2024. The activities on it can be adapted to you age, group, ability and location.

Or, why not use our blank bucket list to come up with your own challenges? You could complete 24 new outdoor activities, have a sleepover over for 24 hours, or learn 24 new skills. It's up to you! 

Take on the challenge

Things to think about for any adventure

Make sure you’ll have enough adult helpers. You can always ask parents/carers to help out. Find the minimum adult to young person ratios.

Have a clear plan for staying in touch with everyone involved and parents/carers too.

Use the activity information form to get parent and carer consent for trips and special activities. If you want to take videos or photos on camp, you’ll need additional permission for photography, including for adults.

You may also need to complete the parent and carer questionnaire to make reasonable adjustments for anyone.

Finally, you may want medication consent forms. In addition to the items suggested as contents for your first aid kit, there may be further items, such as Calpol, paracetamol or other painkillers, that you wish to include when planning activities. For these items, you must have parental or carer consent.

You must complete a risk assessment for any Scouts activity. You can find example risk assessments and safety in the programme guidance to help you plan a safe experience.

See if you can get any support from your District or County/Area. There might be a volunteer or team who can help with particular activities.  

See what's on offer at your nearest Scout Adventure centre.

You’ll need to have the correct safeguarding and ratios in place, making sure any volunteers attending have the correct training in place. 

All adults who stay overnight must have a disclosure check in place and have completed the national vetting process.

Network members undertaking network events only do not need a disclosure.

All adult members who are present overnight at a Nights Away activity with young people must have completed mandatory safeguarding and safety training. This rule does not apply to Occasional Helpers and other non-members attending the event.

However, it’s good practice to make sure that all adults are aware of our Yellow Card and Purple Card, so they know what to do to keep young people safe and what is expected of them.

Always know what to do in an emergency and how to report a concern to safeguarding.

You can reduce costs of day trips and Nights Away event with grants and funds that you may be able to access. You may be able to fundraise or raise money with gift aid, too.

You can speak to your District or County to see if there is any support they can offer with costs.

Find out what support you can get from our supporters, such as Gulliver's World, GO Outdoors and Victorinox.

Take a look at our Adventurous Activities or Nights Away permit.

If you’re using and external provider, you’ll need to make sure they’ve the correct qualifications in place.

Remember to consider any mini-bus permits you might need too.

If you want to play music or watch films, make sure you have the correct music license or motion picture license in place too.

Make sure you've read our safety guidance, including our advice for staying safe outdoors and on camp.

Remember to check out the safety advice and permits needed for your chosen activities, including adventurous activities.

If you’re using and external provider, you’ll need to make sure they’ve the correct qualifications in place.

Remember to have a thorough, well-stocked and in-date first aid kit, including reporting system.

Always follow the Yellow Card and make sure all adults have a copy of the Safe Scouting cards, as well as knowing what to do in an emergency. You must have an InTouch system in place.

It's also important to have a thorough risk assessment, including fire safety and carbon monoxide safety, as well as food safety, and catering and stoves, while on an overnight event.

Any safety plans will need to include any reasonable adjustments the attendees need.

Remember to consider hot weather and cold weather in your planning, too.

Want to develop your outdoor skills? Why not see if the Bushscout National Active Support Unit can help?

Any adventure needs to be inclusive for all.

Take a look at our inclusion guidance to find out more on making Scouts welcome to everyone.

Remember to take include anyone's reasonable adjustments when planning any event, such as a day trip or camp, so it's inclusive and accessible to all.

For example this could mean having disabled toilet access, considering fasting in meal plans, having a quiet space, creating a space for prayer, or using a wheelchair friendly location.

You may also need to complete the parent and carer questionnaire to find out more about the person and make the reasonable adjustments needed.

Always remember to have a Nights Away Notification form in place before any overnight trip, sleepover or camp.

You’ll need to plan for eating, drinks and snacks on day trips and Nights Away event.

You should think about what mealtimes will look like, food safety and hygiene, and what snacks young people can bring themselves.

You also need to take into consideration any dietary requirements, food-related medical needs and allergies.

It's also important to consider people who may be fasting or have eating disorders.

Take a look at our guidance on menu planning.

Bigger adventures

Looking for a bigger adventure? Explore adventurous activities on the activity finder. You'll find specific rules and guidance for each activity. 

Some activities may need the Scouts Adventurous Activities permit. Take a look at our Adventurous Activities permit scheme.

You may need to find a local permit holder to lead the activity. Alternatively, they'll be some things to check if you want to use an external provider. 

Explore adventurous activities >
Packing for residential events and Nights Away

Whether its your first time or you are an experienced camper, putting together a kit list and having the right kit is one of the best ways you can ensure a smooth and enjoyable camping trip.

Find out more about kit lists and equipment >
Staying safe during outdoor activities and Nights Away

From example risk assessments to hot weather guidance, discover our guidance for staying safe in Scouts.

Staying safe and safeguarding >
Outdoor in 24 blog

We've gathered together all our best blogs, advice, tips and tricks to help support everyone in lots of different adventures. 

Take a look at the blog >
Badges you can earn during Outdoor in 24

There’s lots of badges you can earn with Outdoor in 2024:

  • Outdoor in 24 blanket badge - coming soon! Order the blanket badge to celebrate completing the Outdoor in 24 challenge or for a Nights Away event in 2024.
  • Nights Away Staged Activity Badges: Celebrate the number of times you’ve been away with Scouts to with our Nights Away Staged Activity Badge.
  • Outdoor Activity Badges: From gardening and street sports to watersports and road safety, there’s lots of Scouts badges that involve taking part in outdoor activities.
  • Badges to work towards on camp: Whether you enjoy photography, cooking or craft, check out the badges you can work towards on camp.
Nights Away and camping

Find everything you need to know when you're planning a night away event, such as a sleepover or camp.

Discover more about Nights Away >
Get your Nights Away Permit

This permit scheme makes sure volunteers have the skills, experience and personal suitability to lead overnight events.

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Campfire Songs

Warm up your voices and take a look at our exciting list of campfire songs.

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Campfire Recipes

Discover our campfire recipes and cook up lots of delicious dishes.

Take a look at some tasty treats. >
Camp Menu Guidance

Encouraging food safety and healthy eating, here’s some guidance on how to plan the perfect menu for a Night Away event.

Plan your menu >
Themed Camps

From Space to Pirates, why not create a theme for your camp or event for added some added fun? You could create themed games, activities and food.

Plan your theme >
Try our Adventurous Activities

From ghyll scrambling and kayaking to zip wire and mountain biking, take a look at how to include adventurous activities in your programme safely.

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Get your Adventurous Activities Permit

The Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme is an internal assessment scheme designed to make sure that all those leading adventurous activities in Scouts have the skills, experience and personal suitability to do so.

Discover the scheme >