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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Underrepresented Communities Fund Startup Grant

Startup grants of £500 for new sections

Updated 12 June 2024

Our Board of Trustees has designated £2.5 million to create opportunities for young people in IMD 1-3 and volunteers from Black, Asian, and minority ethnic communities to join Scouts. 

We've called this the Underrepresented Communities Fund.

Local Growth Officers have been employed and are now working with Counties in specific areas to help achieve Scouts' ambition of opening 500 more sections by 2025.

New sections opened through this Fund are eligible to receive a £500 startup grant. 

This page provides details about the grant.

Sections opened by a Local Growth Officer funded through the Underrepresented Communities Fund are eligible.  

The Start Up Grant is for £500 towards venue hire, uniform, clothing, badges, membership fees, equipment, and programme resources. This grant must be spent within three months of approval. 

Grants can be used to reimburse purchases and fees already paid for that relate to the section. 

  • Sections must have Chair and Commissioner approval to apply for grants from UKHQ, as per POR.

    • This will be requested by the Grants Team after submission of the grant application. Where one of these roles is vacant, approval will be sought from the relevant commissioner. 

  • Demographic data for your section including ethnicity and gender for each young person and volunteer must be provided upon request. 

  • Grants must be paid into a Scouting bank account. This doesn't have to be the Section’s. 

  • Grants must be spent, and a report provided within three months of grant approval. Receipts and a receipts record must be provided alongside the grant report.  

  1. Grant application submitted by the volunteer and/or Local Growth Officer 

  1. We seek approval from the relevant Chair and Commissioner 

  1. We offer you the grant 

  1. You accept (or decline!) our offer, which contains our terms and conditions 

  1. We approve the grant and make payment for £500 

  1. Up to three months later, you submit a brief report about how you used the money and who benefitted 

  1. We approve your report and confirm completion of the grant

Speak with your Local Growth Officer


This grant scheme is wholly funded by our internally designated Underrepresented Communities Fund, which is part of the Skills for Life Fund. Changes to the scheme's purpose, limits, and restrictions may be made at any time. 

This grant is available only through your Local Growth Officer.