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Additional Questions

Additional Questions

Records of under 18s

By using the buttons, please tell us how you primarily record the details of the under 18s in your section. Please select one option; it should go grey when you have clicked on it.

Top Awards

This year, we’re again collecting the number of top awards gained between 1 February 2019 and 31 January 2020.  This information covers all of the Chief Scout’s Awards, Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, Queen’s Scout Award, Explorer Belt and Young Leader Award. Please tell us how many top awards have been achieved by your young people in the last census year.

Type of Troop, Unit or Network (Scouts, Explorers and Network)

Please tell us if your unit, troop or network is a land, air or Sea Scout. Please also tell if, as of the census date, your section is Royal Navy, or Royal Air Force recognised.

The Cost of Scouts

From 2020, we’re trying to understand the cost of Scouts across different sections, areas and communities as part of our extending reach programme of work. Please tell us the annual cost of membership for one young person in your section for a full year, including any district, county or HQ levies. Please don’t include the fees for any trips, events and camps etc.


This question is simply about whether you own, lease or rent your HQ, and which day of the week you normally meet.


As part of our extending reach programme of work, we know that Scouts in schools is an area of interest for many people. We’re keen to understand how many sections already work with schools in some way. If you click yes, you’ll be presented with 2 additional questions.

The first question tries to understand what the nature of the relationship with the school is, whether you meet there, or if you have an informal connection with them. When we say ‘work with a school’ this could be any type of informal relationship with a school, such as an agreement to put up posters or give our flyers about your section or attending events like school fairs and assemblies.

The second question is about whether your section is delivered with or in collaboration with the school, whether this is during lesson time, or immediately adjacent to lesson time.