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Validation process and guidelines

The purpose of validation

The Scouts aims to ensure that adults are able to meet a high standard in their role. However the training it provides is only one piece of the jigsaw. All the training does is help adults learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to carry out their role. The adults themselves have to put that learning into practice, perhaps with support and feedback from a line manager or Training Adviser. The next piece of the jigsaw is to assess whether or not the adult is actually using the learning to the standard required. In Scouting we call this process validation. The process of validation involves comparing what the adult does against a set requirement and deciding whether their performance matches the requirement. Based upon the validation decision, further plans can
then be made to develop or manage the adult.

The validation process:

Validation processes commonly involve the following stages:

Validation process and guidelines table

Validation guidelines

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