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Safety for Managers and Supporters

Safety for Managers and Supporters in Scouting is one of the modules of the Leadership and Management Training scheme.


  • Detail their duties and responsibilities for the safe operation of Scouting in their Group, District or County.    
  • Describe their role in approving and/or supporting activities that do not require formal activity permits (weekly meetings, visits and trips, activities in Terrain Zero, Class C waters etc.).  
  • Explain the InTouch system, medical details, age restrictions and other safety and welfare requirements for the range of activities available in Scouting.  
  • Explain how the Policy, Organisatioan and Rules (POR) and activity factsheets detail the requirements and provide guidance for a range of Scouting activities.  
  • Describe the insurance requirements of The Scout Association and state those events and activities for which additional steps must be taken.  
  • Detail the emergency and reporting procedures to be implemented in the event of an accident or incident, including the reporting of near misses and potential accidents.  
  • Detail those activities that require specific activity permits.  
  • Explain and apply The Scout Association’s method of risk assessment to Scouting activities and their role in supporting the use of risk assessments before and during Scouting activities.  
  • Explain the requirements and procedures necessary to gain an activity permit and describe their role in the process.  
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the leader in charge.  
  • Explain the importance of creating a culture of safety within their area, and describe the measures they can take to promote this.  
  • Explain the requirements and procedures necessary to gain a night’s away permit and describe their role in the process. 

Learning Opportunities

There are a number of learning opportunities available to enable you to gain the required knowledge and skills to validate this area of the training scheme.

Check out the Leadership and Management Training pages to find out more about how these learning opportunities fit into the training for Managers and Supporters.

Independent Learning

  • Safety for Managers and Supporters

Validation Criteria

Details of the validation criteria for this training can be found in the Adult's Personal File for Managers and Supporters.