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Lesson 3: Understanding our key policies

Lesson 3: Understanding our key policies

Our Policies

We have eight key policies, documented in Policy, Organisation and Rules, which all members must stick to.

POR – Policy, Organisation and Rules

Contains all of the rules and policies that everyone in Scouts need to follow. It includes information on our structure, activities, awards, and how to deal with any difficult situations. You can view the POR document.

POR does not cover all the legal requirements of running a charity or being a trustee. It should be read in conjunction with the appropriate charity regulator website. 

Our key policies are:
1. Development Policy
2. Equal Opportunities Policy
3. Privacy and Data Protection Policy
4. Religious Policy
5. Safeguarding Policy
6. Safety Policy
7. Vetting Policy
8. Youth Member Anti-Bullying Policy

NOTE: The order of Key Policies in this section is alphabetical and infers no order of importance nor priority; they are all equal. You can read more about the key policies.

Download in PDF

The Trustee Introduction workbook is available download and print.

Download the Trustee Introduction workbook

Trustee Introduction eLearning

If you are able to complete the training independently please complete the eLearning.

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