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Module Pages

Module Pages

Adult Personal File for Managers and Supporters

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The module pages below set out for each module:

  • The aim and topics for each module
  • Some questions to help you check your knowledge which can be reviewed with your Training Adviser
  • The learning methods for each module
  • The validation criteria for each module and suggestions for potential evidence for validation.

Check Your Knowledge

These are questions are designed to help you establish what you already know, and the learning you still have to complete for this module. You should work with your Training Adviser to identify any learning you have left to complete and how you can complete this. These questions will explore your knowledge on the topics covered; you will need to demonstrate practical experience to meet the requirements of the validation criteria below.

Validation Criteria

The validation criteria for each module are shown in the following pages. For some modules all the criteria must be completed by all roles or there is a choice of criteria to pick from. However, in some cases, there are certain validation criteria for all roles and some additional criteria that are only relevant to certain roles. It's been indicated for each validation criteria which roles will find the criteria relevant for them. For some roles, it will depend on the learner’s agreed role description as to whether or not certain criteria are relevant to them. 

Change of Role

Where “Requires Revalidation” is marked as a tick, these criteria must be revalidated if the learner changes role even if this criteria has been completed previously for a different role. The role specific criteria will need to be validated if it is relevant to the new role. If “Requires Revalidation” is marked with a cross, these criteria do not need to be revalidated for a new Manager or Supporter role if it's already been completed.

Personal Learning Plan (02)

Essential Information (01)



Trustee Introduction

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Tools for the Role (Managers and Supporters) (04)

Delivering a Quality Programme (12A)

The Fundamentals of Scouting (05)

Scouting for All (07)

Administration (11)

First Aid (10)

Independent Learning

Skills Courses

Leadership and Management Training Validation Areas

Running Safe Activities (17)

International (19)

Facilitating (28)

Presenting (29)

Supporting Local Learning (30)

Planning a Learning Experience (31)

Planning a Learning Provision (33)

Managing a Learning Provision (34)

Mentoring and Coaching (39)

APPENDIX 1: Useful Resources

APPENDIX 2: Personal Learning Plan Template

Download the template.

APPENDIX 3: Manager and Supporter Validation Record

Download the template.

APPENDIX 4: Recommended Learning for Leadership and Management Training

The table below shows the learning opportunities from the Leadership and Management Training that are most relevant for each role. This can be used as a guide to help learners when they are beginning their training to develop their Personal Learning Plan.

It's important to remember that these recommendations should only be used as guidance. The learning an individual undertakes should be based on the needs of the learner depending on their agreed role description and taking into account any prior learning.