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Awarding a Commissioner's Commendation

This is a local award used by commissioners to recognise individuals for their contribution to the Scouts.

This is a local award that can be used to recognise youth members, adult members, and non members for their contribution to the Scouts.

The award can only be issued by the UK Chief Commissioner, Chief Commissioners, UK Commissioners, International Commissioners, Regional Commissioners (England and Wales), County/Area/Island/Region (Scotland) Commissioners, District Commissioners and Youth Commissioners.

(Deputy/Assistant Commissioners can therefore not award a Commissioner's Commendation).

Commissioner's Commendation

This award carries no set criteria, is shown by a purple knot and is worn on the uniform in the same location as other volunteer awards.

Uploading award to Compass

For members with a Compass profile, once a Commissioner's Commendation has been awarded, the details of the award should be submitted to UK Headquarters using the Commissioner's Commendation - Compass upload form so the award holders Compass record can be updated accordingly.

Awards will be uploaded to Compass once a quarter (in January, April, July and October).

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