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Ready to recruit

Are you ready to recruit?

Sometimes we aren’t as ready as we think. So why not take the time to do a quick review of your Group before you actively reach out to new volunteers or young people.

Do you have full sections and a busy team? Would more volunteers make all the difference? Perhaps you have small sections or missing sections and are looking to recruit more young people?

First impressions

If you’ve decided you’re ready to recruit then lay out that welcome mat! First impressions are as much about a friendly smile as a clean, tidy meeting place that’s easy to find and access. What people see and experience when they arrive will leave a lasting impression.

Your venue should be a warm welcoming environment. This checklist might be helpful. 

Venue Tick List.pdf
PDF – 52.7KB

And it’s not just your venue that needs to be warm and welcoming - your volunteers should be too. No-one wants to leave their children with a shouty leader or one that seems disorganised or badly turned out. Make sure you talk to and involve the parents/carers when a new young person joins the Group. Their whole family should feel welcome to join. 

Making a great impression is not only about recruiting new members. Scouts are part of the local community and a positive image will generate support from the community and help to strengthen and sustain Scouts. Whether you’re fundraising or helping out in your neighbourhood, a positive first impression can make all the difference to how Scouts is viewed in the community.

Make yourselves visible

  • Make sure your meeting place has an up to date sign with contact details
  • Put up a vacancy board 
  • Use systems to keep in contact with all your parents/carers
  • Invite local people to your fun events so they can see what Scouts is all about
  • Remember your community can help you – are there people who could help deliver parts of the programme?
  • Don’t forget fundraising opportunities - raise money both for your Group and to help the local community.
  • Join in with existing events in your community
  • Get in touch with local businesses and see what support they can offer your Group. They may make donations, offer equipment or even have potential volunteers.
  • Speak to community leaders and other organisations and encourage working together, creating links or building partnerships for mutual support. Scouts works best when it’s an active part of the community!
  • Get media savvy – community facebook groups are great for communicating with local community members. It’s also worth creating a Facebook page and Twitter account for your Group.
  • Chat to people in cafes, supermarkets and libraries - the more local people who know about your Group, the better.
Visibility Tick List
PDF – 53.0KB

Getting Ready to recruit

The first in our series of webinars getting ready to recruit.

Are you visible in your community and ready to welcome new volunteers to your team.

Watch our webinar