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Our partnership with the Nominet aims to equip our scouts with the inspiration, skills and knowledge to be positive, active, citizens online and offline. By using digital means in a clever and savvy way, they will be encouraged to positively impact their surroundings, whether in their scout meeting place, their communities or in the world!

Nominet is supporting The Scouts to develop relevant skills and a good understanding of what it takes to be positively active online whilst being safe and responsible. In a world that is ever-changing, the boundary between the digital and the real world is increasingly fading, especially for young people.

This exciting and ambitious project started with an important reflection on what we mean by being a digital citizen and what skills and attitudes it involves.



Try out these activities we've made with our partner Nominet. 

Two sides to every story

Create a dramatic news item while using your critical thinking skills to suss out the other side of the story.

Hands up, hands down

Create a handful of information about yourself, then decide which things to share to feel connected, safe, and happy.

On the spot

Keep track of your interactions during an activity and create a trail that’s just like a digital footprint.

Pack up your troubles

Practise being caring with your words and make sure nothing’s left behind in the backpack of unkindness.

Party quirks

Use your communication skills to figure out people’s party quirk and respond. Will you get on with everyone at the party?

Lost in translation

How accurate is your communication? Draw clearly, then pass it on and hope your message doesn’t get lost in translation.

The gaming game

Become an expert in staying safe when gaming with this exciting game.

Is it ok?

You’ll have to think quickly and call on all your digital thinking skills in this fast-paced game.

What's in the box?

You’ll have to work together to find the best negotiation strategies. Can you persuade someone to hand over their prize?

It's just banter

When does banter turn into bullying? Put yourself in someone else’s shoes in this fun drama game.

Screen time, green time

Stay healthy and happy by finding a balance between static screen and active green time in this fast paced game.

Meme makers

Get creative and make a meme about digital citizenship for other young people.

Switch off challenge

Take on the switch off challenge to find a healthy balance between time on and away from screens.

Strong password, weak password

Find out how to create super-strong passwords for all your online activities with this quick and easy game.

Best foot forward

Fill a footprint with your favourite online activities. How do they all compare?

Step forwards, step back

Work together to complete a ‘digital health check’ with this fun game.

Play our game

Use technology to create connections by making and sharing an instruction video.

Share, don't share

Get ready to be wise online with a fast-paced game that teaches you what to share and what to keep to yourself.

Safer Internet Day - 11 February 2020

Keeping young people safe couldn’t be more important. That’s why we’re backing Safer Internet Day on 11 February 2020. It’s all about promoting online safety for young people, helping them use digital technology responsibly, respectfully and creatively, while getting them to think and ask questions.

Here are the ways you can get involved: 

Scouts is just one of over 2,000 organisations across the UK taking part in Safer Internet Day from tech companies and schools to charities, youth groups and football clubs.

Eleanor Bradley, Managing Director of Registry Solutions and Public Benefit at Nominet, "Safer Internet Day will help young people to develop resilience and critical thinking skills," she says, "to improve their safety online by challenging assumptions and reflecting on their activity."


Download your MakeDoShare activity here. 

MDS34 Hands Up, Hands Down
PDF – 699.0KB
MDS 033 Human Impact Nominet
PDF – 1.0MB
PDF – 149.6KB
MDS Digital Enablers asset.pdf
PDF – 638.0KB

What's next?

In partnership with Nominet we have carried out some research, conducted by Unthinkable, to gather insights from digital experts, scout volunteers and young people in scouting on what digital citizenship means.

The findings have highlighted the importance of having a programme that should touch on these different themes: Health and Wellbeing, Digital Life Skills, Critical Thinking, Positive Interaction and Social Action.

The Scouts now intend to work to create a programme and activities that are relevant and engaging for scouts groups in order to achieve the outcomes identified through this research. So watch this space!

If you want to know more about the research, you can look at the executive summary and the full report below.

Digital Citizenship Research Exec Summary
PDF – 1.1MB
Digital Citizenship Full Report Unthinkable
PDF – 682.4KB

Activities for Safer Internet Day

What does someone’s social media say about them? Get to know some characters then give them friendly advice.

Digital detectives

Use all of your senses to work out if someone’s telling the truth in this fast-paced game that develops critical thinking skills.

Yes, no, maybe

About Nominet

Nominet has been at the forefront of innovation for 20 years through its internet registry solutions, cyber security services and dynamic spectrum management. Driven by a commitment to use technology to improve connectivity, security and inclusivity online, Nominet is a profit with a purpose company supporting initiatives that contribute to a vibrant digital future. Read more about Nominet’s Public Benefit strategy to support young people through technology.