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Blogs | 4th July 2020

The power of working together

It’s times of crisis that bring out the best in us. I thought that before the lockdown, and I believe it even more strongly now.

Stories | 2nd July 2020

100 Years of History

See how 1st Hathersage Scouts summed up 100 years of fun, friendship and skills for life onto a powerful Promise Path brick.

Blogs | 1st July 2020

Building on our digital skills

As part of the Skills for Life strategy, we’re looking at digital skills and what skills our volunteers need.

News | 27th June 2020

How to have a UFO camp at home

Struggling to keep the kids entertained over weekends or during the school holidays? You may not have thought about hosting a camp before, but a series of activities and snacks could be just what you need to get everyone spending time together and learning new skills – unusual sleeping arrangements optional.

Stories | 22nd June 2020

Met here in '55

A fairytale love story set at the home of Scouts, Gilwell Park. Find out the story behind Colin and Rita's Promise Path brick.

Blogs | 20th June 2020

A better understanding of dyslexia

Dyslexia is a language based specific learning difficulty affecting written language acquisition, and often processing and remembering.