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Blogs | 9th May 2020

Why play’s good for grown ups too

‘Play is seen as frivolous, a waste of time, something only done in leisure time,’ explains Anthea Moys, performance artist and play facilitator. ‘And so, although we all naturally know how to play, over time, as adults, we forget.’

News | 5th May 2020

Scouts and COVID-19: How we're facing challenging times together

Six weeks on since we suspended face to face meetings and activities, Chief Executive, Matt Hyde, and UK Chief Commissioner, Tim Kidd, talk frankly about the pressures facing the movement, locally and nationally.

Blogs | 4th May 2020

How to look after succulents

Entrepreneur, cacti connoisseur and founder of London’s first cactus shop, Gynelle Leon, believes positivity is key to making dreams bloom. Here, she shares her wisdom on what Scouts can learn from taking care of cacti and about the resilience it took to make her dreams come true.

Blogs | 4th May 2020

A moment of calm

Find out how the ancient art of origami can encourage a sense of calm and concentration, then have a go at folding your own – with a special design inspired by the large blue butterfly

Stories | 4th May 2020

More than an outfit

We explore the growing availability of inclusive clothing, the difference it’s making to people’s lives, and how it’s helping them to be themselves

Blogs | 2nd May 2020

Advice for coping with bereavement

There’s no right or wrong way to feel following a bereavement. We’ve put together some advice that we hope will help anyone who’s struggling to know what to do.