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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Blog | 25 January 2024

Our UK Rep Pool is representing Scouts globally

Aaron Marcus, UK Rep Pool Lead

Scouts are part of a global movement, with over 54 million members of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM). Since the movement is global, there are lots of international events. Whether it’s UN Conferences or World Scout Forums, Scouts need to be represented. This is where the UK Rep Pool comes in.

The UK Rep Pool

The UK Rep Pool is a group of 18–25 year olds from around the UK who represent Scouts at events in the UK and abroad.

Members of the UK Rep Pool go to a variety of international events. It could be a government reception at Downing Street, a Council of Europe event hosted in Batumi, Georgia, or the World Scout Conference in Azerbaijan.

Rep Pool members have two key roles at events. The first is to help share the great work, experiences, and practices we have at Scouts. The second and most important role is to make sure any learnings and experience gained at events is brought back to the UK, shared with the relevant national teams, and then put into place at a local level.

Whether they’re voting at the World Scout Conference or working with the South Korean Ambassador, Rep Pool members are the face of Scouts abroad, and work hard to support and represent Scouts across the world and close to home.

Four members of the UK Rep Pool are crouching down on their knees in front of a banner that reads 'Agora.' They're all wearing navy t-shirts and navy, red and white neckers, and smiling at the camera.
Rep Pool members Sam, Tim, Josh and Abbie at Agora 2023.

Who can join the UK Rep Pool

Anyone aged 18–25 who is a member of Scouts can apply to join the UK Rep Pool.

We think it’s important that young people are at the heart of what we do, and are representing us when it counts. Haven’t heard of NSOs or the Interamerica Region before? Don’t worry, you’ll get full training for the role, including specialist knowledge about international Scouts.

We look for young people who are excited to make a difference in Scouts on a global scale, eager to learn more, and want to experience new cultures. 

Depending on their age, members typically join the Rep Pool for two years. Some past members have then gone onto bigger international Scout roles in the European Scout Region and further abroad. 

What members get up to

Who better to tell us than a current Rep Pool member? Alice is 24 years old, from Aberdeen in Scotland, and in her second year in the Rep Pool.

After going to in-person training and joining regular online calls, Alice represented Scouts at the inaugural Scout European Sustainability Forum in Denmark.

Over 50 Scouts members from across Europe attended the three-day forum to help strengthen efforts in promoting greater sustainability in our organisations.

Alice is sat on a chair wearing a beige Scout blouse and red, navy and white necker, sitting next to her fellow UK Rep Pool member, Abbie. Abbie is stood by a wooden chair and both are smiling at the camera, with their hands on the wooden table in front of them. There's a flag and window behind them.
UK Rep Pool members Abbie (left) and Alice (right) at the Sustainability Forum.

While chatting about her time in Denmark, Alice said ‘Scouts from across Europe gathered to discuss sustainability in a Scouts context, both locally and globally.’

Socialising and networking are key to understanding the host culture and how Scouts works for other countries. 

Alice spent her time ‘exploring the host Scout site’s mini science centre, as well enjoying an international night, where all participants shared cultures through games, food and dances.’

UK Rep Pool member Alice is outside, standing on brown leaves. There are green trees behind her and a tarmac path or road to her right. She's wearing navy trousers, a green hoodie and a red, white and navy necker. She's holding a pair of binoculars to her eyes and is looking up at the sky.
Alice checking out the wildlife at the local Scout centre near Kolding, Denmark.

Interested in joining the UK Rep Pool?

Recruitment for the Rep Pool opens in the spring, so keep an eye out on the national volunteering vacancies page for more details.

In the meantime, please contact Aaron Marcus, UK Rep Pool Lead, if you have any questions or would like to know more.

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