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So, what do I do now?

Want to take your next step in Scouts? There're numerous options available to young people aged 18 and over.

Here are some roles you could consider:

Practical help for Scouts

  • Help out in Scouts in a flexible way
  • Use skills you already have or develop new ones
  • Get involved in a variety of ways

Find out more about Scout Active Support

Give something back

  • Work with young people regularly at meetings
  • Plan and run games or activities to help young people have fun, make friends and earn badges
  • Take part in adventures, such as trips and camps
  • Share your skills and passions to help teach young people
  • Directly contribute towards a young person’s personal development
  • Receive training and support relevant that’s to your role and keeps everybody safe
  • Get rewarding experiences that empower young people
  • Support volunteers in Scouts, enabling them to work with young people
  • Choose from a variety of roles available to suit different people and flexibilities
  • Receive training and support relevant that’s to your role and keeps everybody safe

Your personal development

The UK Rep Pool is a brilliant team of 18 to 25-year-olds from around the UK.

They’re chosen and trained to represent UK Scouts at various events, both in the UK and abroad. 

Find out how you can get involved in the UK Rep Pool.

The UK 18 to 25 Role Pool is a group of young people from across the UK, who are keen to make a difference and have an interest in taking on a national role with Scouts.

Find out more about the UK 18 to 25 Role Pool.

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Scouts and employability

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