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Scouts and employability

The skills you gain from Scouts - such as teamwork, leadership and organisation - are exactly the kinds of skills employers are looking for.

Did anyone ever tell you that Scouts is all about skills for life? 

You’ve taken a deep breath and spoken up; thought on your feet and seen the big picture; ignored the butterflies, gone for it, and tried, tried again. You’ve got the skills.

And these are the exact skills that employers, apprenticeships, colleges or universities are looking for.

New research: The Employability Badge

This research from Demos shows that young people who take part in extracurricular activities, like Scouts, feel much more prepared for the world of work, and are gaining the skills that employers want right now.

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Applying for a job

You might already know lots about writing a CV and filling in application forms, but we've put together some examples of how you can demonstrate your Scouts experience throughout your application, CV and interview.

Top tips on applying for jobs