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Blog | 21 November 2022

Meet Neo and his Treats For Kids campaign

Written by Nicola Hilliard, Creative Content Producer

Neo was only 8 years old when he set up Treats For Kids in 2020, after realising that young people were going through a tough time in the pandemic. Now 10 years old, Neo’s donated over 10,000 treats to young people in Essex and East London in the past two years.

We caught up with him to find out more.

Neo is stood in front of lots of Easter eggs, and he is smiling. They are behind him on tables.

Why did you decide to set up Treats For Kids?

I decided to set up Treats For Kids at the end of 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. I realised there were so many young people going through a tough time, both due to the pandemic and other reasons. I wanted to help and put a smile on their faces. I love treats and believe that all young people deserve, no matter what their circumstances are.

What do Treats for Kids do?

I’ve set up lots of different fundraising appeals with Treats For Kids. I’ve donated nearly 8,000 treats to young people through 12 different charities and organisations, including food banks, hospitals and hospices. Some of the treats we’ve appealed for and given out include advent calendars and Easter eggs.

What have enjoyed doing the most since you started?

I love seeing the young people's smiling faces when I’ve given them treats. I’ve also really enjoyed learning how to put together my own website, write blogs and make videos to keep everyone updated about Treats For Kids.

Neo is stood on the driveway with a teddy bear mascot with lots of advent calendars that have been donated.

Have there been any challenges along the way?

When running an appeal, you’re never sure if people will still donate, especially when times are hard for so many. I’m always amazed at how generous and supportive people are, especially strangers. Sometimes it's hard finding the treats in my local supermarket if their stock is low, and it can be tricky to run Treats For Kids alongside schoolwork, Scouts and other activities. However, I always manage to find time to continue running it!

Did you ever want to give up and what made you keep going?

I’ve never wanted to give up, but I have lots of ideas for Treats For Kids that I’ve not been able to do yet. My family are very supportive, and they’ve all helped me keep going. My Scout group have been so encouraging too, especially my Cub leader, Phil. He always helps with my appeals and shares the details with parents, carers and young people, who’ve then donated.

Has anything you learned from Scouts helped you with setting up and running Treats for Kids?

I think Scouts is about being a good, helpful and kind person. With Treats For Kids, I’m doing a little bit to help others and hopefully making a difference.

Neo is stood next to Bear Grylls and holding his Unsung Heroes certificate. They're both smiling. Bear is wearing a necker. Neo is wearing his Cubs uniform.

What are you proudest of?

I’m proud that I’ve been able to give over 10,000 treats to young people, who might not have got them if it wasn't for Treats For Kids.

What’s next for Treats for Kids?

I’ve just set up my Treats For Kids website, and I’m excited to have just finished my third Advent Calendar Appeal for 2022. I’m now amazed to have reached 10,000 treats, too!

Finally, what’s your favourite treat to tuck into?

My favourite treat is Lindt Chocolate!


Brilliant work, Neo! Well done on all you’ve achieved, including winning the Chief Scout's Unsung Heroes award in 2022. Your fantastic work's truly inspiring, and we hope you've time to tuck into some tasty treats soon, too.

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