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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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News | 11 May 2022

Scouts selected for #WeTwo expedition to Antarctica


We’re delighted that two of our brilliant Scouts will be heading to Antarctica this November on the adventure of a lifetime

Reo, on the left wears a white turtleneck and yellow and black necker, while Daniel on the right wears a blue polo shirt with blue and green necker.
Reo Christopher (left) and Daniel Ward (right)

Reo Christopher from Birmingham and Daniel Ward from Carstairs, Scotland, were selected as members of the #WeTwo Foundation - Antarctica: City to Sea 2022 expedition, led by Scouts Ambassador Dwayne Fields, and Scouts Adventurer, Phoebe Smith.

The two Scout places are fully funded, thanks to the generosity of the Vasey Family Trust.

Reo, 18, from Hansworth in Birmingham said: ‘This opportunity is like, once in a lifetime. It will never happen again. You’re 18 and you think, where can I go after this? Actually, this is just the tip of the iceberg!’

Jamie is her nominator: ‘I’m Reo’s Explorer Scout Leader, and this opportunity says everything about Reo’s personality and her ability to bring people through tough situations, and always with a smile. This expedition will be amazing for her confidence.’

Polar explorers in a small boat on the water beneath an ice arch in Antarctica

Daniel, 19, an Explorer Scout Leader in South Lanark said: ‘Wow, going to Antarctica! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.’

He’s committed to supporting the environment locally as well as globally: ‘I think there’s an opportunity to do something to bring wildlife back to the Clyde and make it a more attractive place for people to go.’

Daniel was nominated by Andrew Sharkey, his Explorer Scout Leader, and Chief Commissioner of Scotland. ‘Daniel will bring something back to the whole community’, he said. ‘Not just in Lanark, but in Scotland’.

The funder of the two places for Scouts was equally delighted at the news: ‘The Vasey Family Trust is proud and excited to support the Scouts to inspire and empower young people,’ they said. ‘Reo and Daniel, we wish you good luck and hope you have the adventure of a lifetime in Antarctica.’

The expedition aims to be the world’s first carbon negative expedition of its kind and will be focused on sustainability and the benefits of outdoor adventure to improve young people’s futures.

Black and white photo of Shackleton with Scouts from 1922
Sir Ernest Shackleton (centre) with Scouts Norman Mooney (left) and James Marr (right) in 1922

Before they set off, the young people will take part in environmental work here in the UK to improve their local areas. This will include re-wilding projects, removing plastics from saplings, cleaning rivers, beaches and green spaces. They will also share with others (through talks and social media) the nature that's on their doorsteps, and become local ambassadors for the environment.

The young people, who were selected from hundreds that applied, will follow in the footsteps of two Scouts chosen by Sir Ernest Shackleton to accompany him on his Quest Expedition 100 years ago. They never made it there together – Norman Mooney returned home, seasick; the other, James Marr continued, but without Shackleton, who tragically died on the journey south.

Team #WeTwo will head from London to Buenos Aires and then on to Ushuaia – otherwise known as the 'End of the World' - from where they will embark on their sea journey to Antarctica.

For us it’s not about planting flags, it’s about planting seeds

Phoebe Smith

An icy Dwayne Fields with mask, goggles and warm coat looks at the camera
Dwayne Fields
Phoebe Smith smiles pointing a Canon camera towards the camera, with an icy background behind, and wearing clothes for cold weather
Phoebe Smith

Phoebe and Dwayne set up the #WeTwo Foundation, several years ago after meeting at Countryfile Live, and aim to remove barriers to getting into the outdoors and having adventures.

‘We realised there that – for different reasons - we had similar experiences with people telling us how we couldn't/shouldn't/wouldn't be able to it,’ said Dwayne.

Phoebe adds: ‘We decided that if we teamed up, we would have a much wider reach. Since then we've been working hard to change the face of adventure together and encourage the next generation from all walks of life to fall in love with the outdoors and looking after our planet. For us it’s not about planting flags, it’s about planting seeds.’

Huge congratulations to both Scouts, and we’ll keep you updated on their progress.

Watch their reactions to the news below!

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