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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

Discover what this means

Scout Ambassadors

Meet our incredible team of ambassadors. They're all different kinds of people but have one thing in common: to share far and wide how Scouts is helping young people gain skills for life.

The inspirers.

The space-walkers and early-morning talkers, the directors and pole-trekkers, the swimmers and rowers. To us, they’re all heroes-in-neckers. They’re the ones telling the world about what we do – giving young people the skills to succeed.

They broadcast to millions on TV and radio. They’ve made history walking rivers, reaching poles and travelling the world. All are committed to Scouts and none are afraid to break the mould.

The astronaut

186 days in space gave Tim a unique view of the world. That’s why he spends his time helping young people gain skills, look to the future and dream big.  

‘Scouts was the first step on a journey that led to me becoming an astronaut. With the right skills, anything is possible.’

Tim Peake

The naturalist

What can’t Steve Backshall do? Inspiring millions through his Deadly 60 and Expeditions series, he treks into undiscovered parts of world, scales huge peaks and picks up crocodiles in his bare hands. But he never forgets that it’s kindness that matters most.

‘So many of the skills that I use on my expeditions now, I learnt at Cubs.’

Steve Backshall

The survivalist

It takes a special kind of person to fend off a pack of lions or out-run armed guerrillas in the jungle. These are all things Meg has achieved in her incredible career. Truly at home in the outdoors. 

‘The Scouts help young people get the best possible start in life.’

Megan Hine

The actor

The force is strong with Warwick. From Star Wars to Harry Potter, he has entertained generations. Both in front and behind the camera, he sees no barriers beyond the limits of your imagination.  

‘The Scouts gave me some wonderful skills and still does today. It’s a fantastic movement!’

Warwick Davis

The swimmer

Winning two Paralympic gold medals in Beijing at the age of 13 was just the start for Ellie. Golds at London 2012 and Rio 2016 followed and she’s still at the top of her game.

‘Young people need positive role models. They need places to try new things and not be afraid to fail. Scouting is one of those places.’

Ellie Simmonds

The climber

Quite simply, Saray is a phenomenon. Born in Zambia, she's carved an international reputation as both a mountaineer and champion for young people’s education. As well as conquering Everest in May 2019, she's explored across the world and was the first Black African woman to stand at the South Pole. 

‘Through my climbing, I've been raising funds and building libraries for underprivileged schools.'

Saray Khumalo 

Watch Saray's Paddle to the Amazon challenge video

The pole-trekker

When it comes to turning your life around, Dwayne’s story takes some beating. He went from being the victim of gun and knife crime on the streets of Hackney, to becoming the first black Briton to reach the North Pole. Today he’s encouraging everyone to get into the outdoors, to look wider and be the best they can be.

‘Being a Scout changed my life. It gave me confidence, self-belief and skills for life.’

Dwayne Fields

The presenter

It’s impossible to keep up with Anita. From leading the way with the anti-plastics revolution, to trekking through India or championed rare vinyl, she has as many interests and fans. 

‘The Scouts help young people develop those all-important life skills. It inspires so many.’

Anita Rani

The explorer

Why spend three years walking the length of the Amazon River? Why not? He then spent 60 days marooned on a desert island before living on the streets to help people understand homelessness. Fearless. Honest. Direct. That’s Ed.

'My love of adventure really came from those first night camps I went on with the Scouts. My greatest fear is not living my life.’ 

Ed Stafford

The rower

Two Olympic gold medals and three world championships tells you a lot about Helen. When it comes to putting in the hours and never giving up, she’s top of the list. 

‘The Scouts led to a love of the outdoors and really grew my confidence. The skills you gain through Scouting are incredible.’

Helen Glover

The hiker

She’s inspired thousands to get up off the sofa and enjoy the great British countryside. A walker, presenter she’s also passionate about making the countryside accessible to all.  

'The Scouts are brilliant. They give young people those opportunities to experience adventure.’

Julia Bradbury

The talker

The first voice you wake up to. Always fizzing with energy and bursting with ideas, Chris is the host of the Virgin Breakfast show and the mastermind behind CarFest. 

'I love the fact that the Scouts has gone international. It's brilliant.’

Chris Evans

Local requests

Because their time is precious, our ambassadors spend it reaching the most people. That means they currently support us nationally, rather than locally. This isn’t because they don’t want to. It’s because they can use their time to change millions of minds about Scouts.

If you have a query about a Scout Ambassadors, please contact Please do not contact them or their agents directly with any Scout requests.

You can download ambassador videos from the brand centre.