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Blog | 20 April 2020

Three ways to supercharge your #HikeToTheMoon

Words: Chris James, our Brand and Ambassador Manager (and a dad of three)

Let’s start with a thank you – a massive thank you, and well done, to all the amazing people who’ve already set off with us on our Hike to the Moon. Thanks to you, we’ve already raised over £30,000! We’ve been so inspired by your photos and videos, showing you doing circuits of your garden and laps of your living rooms.

The story so far…

For those who haven’t heard of Hike to the Moon yet, don’t worry. Here’s how it works: we’re asking young people, volunteers, parents and carers to hike 240,000 miles to the Moon. If we all hike just one mile each (about 2,000 steps or 20 minutes walking on the spot) at home or in the garden, then together, we can complete the incredible challenge. Eleven of the twelve people to walk on the moon were Scouts – so this is a return journey for us!

The only other thing you have to do is make a donation and/or get sponsored, so we can raise money as we walk.

Supporting those who need it most

This is all in aid of BBC Children in Need and Comic Relief, who are getting together for the Big Day In on Radio and the Big Night In on TV, a massive fundraising special to celebrate the incredible people making a difference in communities across the UK and to support people who need it most during the coronavirus crisis. You’ll see Bear talk about #HikeToTheMoon as part of the show on Thursday night at 7pm on BBC1.

Help out at Mission Control

Just like the real Moon landings, there are loads of actions that’ll help us to reach our goal. Here's some ideas or you can come up with your own.

Here are three ways you can really help this campaign go stratospheric.

1. Be a fundraiser

Hiking your mile and making a donation is fantastic. But what makes a huge difference is if you set yourself up as a fundraiser on our Just Giving page, creating your own mini page within the main #HikeToTheMoon campaign.

You can then set your own target, and share your link with friends and family. They’ll have the satisfaction of seeing you climb towards your mini target – while knowing that all the funds go into the main campaign total.

For example, my children, Noah and Martha, decided to hike their mile backwards (very slowly and carefully, with adult supervision). I set up a page for them, set a target of £50, then shared the link on my Facebook page.

Within 24 hours, Noah and Martha had raised £80 – 160% of their target – through the generosity of friends and family.

It’s much easier than you think to be a fundraiser like Noah and Martha. Here’s how:

  • Sign up or log into Just Giving
  • Complete the simple questions in the drop down list, then click ‘Create your page’
  • Click 'Edit your page' to add details and set your target.

Explain what you’re doing and why you’re supporting #HikeToTheMoon. If you can think of an unusual angle – such as dressing up as an astronaut or an alien while you walk, this will help to capture people’s imaginations. Remember to keep to your home and garden, and stay within the government’s safety advice.

  • Just Giving will automatically create a link for you to share on social media.
  • Go ahead – share the link.
  • Don’t forget to say thank you when you hit your target!

2. Nominate friends and family

This is a campaign for everyone, not just Scouts. So why not nominate friends and family to join us on the journey? Here are some words for you to use on social media – tag friends and family members you think would like to join in.

Help us #HikeToTheMoon! We’re raising funds for BBC Children in Need and Comic Relief to support the people who need it most in the current crisis. We’ve got to travel 240,000 miles to get to the Moon, so we could do with some help. Hike a mile at home (or in your garden), make a donation (or sponsor someone else) and log your mile. It’s as simple as that. Thank you!

3. Share your brilliant photos and videos

Telling people about your hike is one thing. Showing them’s even better. So don’t forget to share your photos and videos to let people know what you’ve done to support this brilliant cause. And make sure you include the Just Giving link (or the special one you’ve set up as a fundraiser) so people can donate too.

Get started and we’ll see you on the Moon

You don’t need to wait for 23 April to hike your miles. Get started now by pulling on your walking boots (or more likely, your slippers), recording your miles and making your donation. It took the Apollo XI crew three days to reach the Moon. Let’s see how long it takes Scouts!

And finally...The Hike to the Moon badge has landed!

Thanks to our friends at Scout Store, the Hike to the Moon badge is now available to pre-order. It's available to everyone who's taken part in the campaign. All profits will go to BBC Children in Need and Comic Relief's ‘The Big Night In’ supporting those who need it most during the coronavirus crisis.

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