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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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What to wear

What to wear

To access Victoria Barracks and the Castle, it's important you wear your full Scout Uniform as outlined below, so please read this information carefully.

At this occasion, including before and after the event in the town of Windsor, it's important that everyone taking part looks smart and wears uniform that meets the rules (Found in Chapter 10 of Policy, Organisation and Rules). Unfortunately, if you're not appropriately dressed for the event, you won't be able to take part.

Some of the items stated may not be items that you own or wear regularly. If this is the case your District or County (or equivalent) should be able to help you get hold of some that you could borrow. If you are struggling to get hold of items, or have questions, do contact us on

We encourage King's/Queen’s Scout Award holders to wear the uniform that meets their religious or cultural beliefs. This includes long shirts and skirts as well as hijabs, turbans, kippahs. 

This should be the official Explorer Scout, Scout Network/Adult leader shirt or blouse (or alternative for Air and Sea Scouts) and should be ironed! 

A long sleeve shirt is recommended as it can get cold in the Quadrangle. Depending on the weather forecast we’d also suggest wearing a thermal layer/warm t-shirt under your shirt. You should avoid putting bulky items in the pocket. 

Smart navy trousers and knee-length skirts are preferable to navy activity trousers. Tartan or saffron kilts and pleated tartan or saffron skirts are also acceptable, in line with POR. 

You should have your Queen’s Scout Award sewn on your shirt in the correct position. Other badges should be in the correct location, and out of date badges (eg old UK Contingent badges) should be removed. A reminder of where badges should be positioned is later in this document.  Further detail is provided in the Badge guidance section.

Your local (Group, Unit or Network etc) scarf should be worn with a woggle (no friendship knots), carefully ironed and rolled. A navy blue tie is also acceptable. 

Only the official Scout belt, Explorer belt or Young Leader belt can be worn but with no attachments.  

Smart black, dark brown or navy shoes should be worn. High heels are unsuitable as you will be walking on a lot of cobbles, gravel and grass. Please clean and polish your shoes before you arrive, although there will be some cleaning materials available.  

With trousers – black or dark blue socks should be worn. 

With skirts – plain, nude tights should be worn. 

With tartan kilts – plain lovat green knee length socks and green garter tabs. 

With saffron kilts – plain knee length socks of a traditional colour (e.g. green, fawn or white).    

May be worn with the relevant uniform, with long hair should be worn up. 

In the morning there will be a lot of waiting around outside at Victoria Barracks, so please come dressed appropriately for the weather.  


Coats, hoodies, bags etc are not part of the uniform and can’t be taken on the parade. If it is wet, we will provide you with a waterproof cape.  


Once you leave Victoria Barracks for lunch, you will not be returning and so will need to take everything with you. There is limited storage at the Royal Mews for during the Parade itself, but we find it’s easier for most people to leave bags, coats and other items with friends or family who have come with you.