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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Windsor - On the day - Queen's Scout Award holders and King's Scout Award holders

If you're attending as a recent Queen's Scout Award or King's Scout Award recipient, find out what happens on the Day of Celebration and Achievement below, such as important ticket information, security and what to wear.

Outline of the day


On the morning of the event, you need to join the queue to enter Victoria Barracks, just down the road from Windsor Castle, by 09:00. We request that you are not dropped off directly outside the Barracks as this causes traffic problems.
You will go through a quick registration process that will include finding out which Section you are going to be in for the Parade.

You will then join a group for your initial training and meet one of our friendly team of Section Leaders. You will be given instructions on what will happen for the rest of the day and start your training.

There will be a short break for an address from members of the UK Leadership Team, before joining your parade Section for a final session of training.

The rehearsal finishes around 11:30-12:00 and you are free to join your guests in town for a short period of celebration and lunch. Windsor can get very busy and you don't have a huge amount of time, so we recommend planning your lunch break in advance.



The Queen's Scouts and King's Scouts come together in Mews Road (entrance via the Learning Resource Centre on St Albans Street) from 12:45pm, where you'll prepare for the formal start of the Parade.

You'll parade from Mews Road, through the Castle grounds and into the Quadrangle before forming on the lawn for the Review.

There'll be an invited guest, along with the Chief Scout who'll conduct the Review. After, there's an informal Parade around the Quadrangle. We encourage you to wave to the guests and enjoy the atmosphere of the prestigious Windsor Castle.

You'll walk in your Sections down to St George's Chapel and take your seats for the National Scout Service beginning at 3:00pm.

The service finishes at approximately 3:45pm. At this time you'll re-join your Section outside the Chapel for a final address from the Chief Scout.

Finally, you'll Parade once more back to Mews Road and be formally dismissed by the Parade Leader around 4:15pm. Please be prepared for risk of delay in some areas of the event, as you may be dismissed from the Mews Road as late as 5:00pm. You'll exit onto Castle Hill.


For information on the local area, including tips on accommodation, transport, accessibility and a map of the area, please visit our local information page.