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Sitting safely by a campfire

Listen to the poem, then craft your own verses. How can people enjoy campfires in the wild without damaging surroundings?
Plan a session with this activity

Before you begin

Why not give this a go before starting to make a fire at camp? It could also be a great way to begin a campfire?

Read the poem

The person leading the activity should read a bit of the poem to everyone. It’s up to them how much they read – a verse or two is probably enough.


Add your own

  1. Everyone should split into small groups.
  2. The person leading the activity should give each group a safety tip from the list.
  3. Each group should make up a rhyming pair of lines about their safety tip.
  4. Everyone should piece the lines together to make a poem.
  5. Someone should read the whole poem.
  6. While they’re reading, everyone should note down a checklist of things to consider before making a fire in the wild. What should people do to prevent damage from poorly-managed campfires or accidental wildfires?
  7. Everyone should compare their lists. How many things did they identify? The person leading the activity should help everyone talk through all of the safety tips.


This activity helped everyone to value the outdoors. Spending time around a fire, cooking tasty food, and sharing songs and stories is a real privilege. Fire was discovered over 1.5 million years ago; it’s an amazing tool, but it’s important to stay safe. How did people a million years ago learn how to be safe with fire? They probably made many mistakes and learned from them. Why is it important to be so careful with fire in the countryside? Even though there may not be any buildings, nature’s in fine balance – being careless can cause serious damage.

This activity also gave people the chance to be a citizen. Whose responsibility is it to make sure a fire is safe? Everyone’s. Everyone taking part should know how to keep it safe and what to do if things go wrong. They should work together and always speak up if they’ve got any concerns. What should people do if they see an unattended fire? They should call 999 straight away.


All activities must be safely managed. Do a risk assessment and take appropriate steps to reduce risk. Always get approval for the activity and have suitable supervision and an InTouch process.