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Shout out, show off, Scout on

Polish your presentation skills and encourage different audiences to give Scouts a go.
Plan a session with this activity

You will need

  • Scrap paper
  • Scrap card
  • Coloured pens or pencils
  • Bowls
  • PVA glue
  • Craft materials (for example, tissue paper, pipe cleaners, stickers)

Before you begin

  • Write the names of different social media platforms on pieces of paper (for example, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and so on). Each piece should have one platform on.
  • Write the names of different audiences on pieces of paper (for example, parents and carers who don’t know about Scouts, 10 to 14 year olds who don’t know about Scouts, and teachers who don’t know about Scouts).
  • Fold up the pieces of paper. Put all of the platforms in one bowl (or tub) and all of the audiences in the other.

Get stuck in

  1. Everyone should split into groups of four or five people.
  2. Each group should choose one piece of paper from each container so they have a platform and an audience.
  3. Everyone should create a post that promotes Scouts. They should design the post specifically for the platform and audience they chose.
  1. Each group should work together to craft their post. They should use craft materials to illustrate what it’ll look like and get ready to present it to everyone else.
  2. Each group should take it in turns to present their post, explaining why they made the decisions they did. Everyone should feel free to offer (helpful) feedback and comments.
  3. The person leading the activity should ask the person in charge of the group’s social media to consider putting the posts on the relevant social media account. The person in charge of the group’s social media could also offer some feedback about each post.


This activity was all about communicating about Scouts. Did people have to adapt their ideas and language depending on their target audience? What changes did people make? Lots of communication works best when it tells a story. Can anyone think of a story related to Scouts? People could think about their favourite thing about Scouts, and pick out characters, surprises, and challenges. How could they use this story to tell people about Scouts? Ideally, it should be something that people can relate to that also makes them want to know more.



Supervise young people appropriately when they’re using scissors. Store all sharp objects securely, out of the reach of young people

Glue and solvents

Supervise young people appropriately when they’re using glue and solvent products. Make sure there’s plenty of ventilation. Be aware of any medical conditions which could be affected by glue or solvent use and make adjustments as needed.

Online safety

Supervise young people when they’re online and give them advice about staying safe.

For more support around online safety or bullying, check out the NSPCC website. If you want to know more about specific social networks and games, Childnet has information and safety tips for apps. You can also report anything that’s worried you online to the Child Exploitation and Online Protection command.

As always, if you’ve got concerns about a young person’s welfare (including their online experiences), follow the Yellow Card reporting processes.

Phones and cameras

Make sure parents and carers are aware and have given consent for photography.

All activities must be safely managed. Do a risk assessment and take appropriate steps to reduce risk. Always get approval for the activity and have suitable supervision and an InTouch process.