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My adventure scrapbook

Create your own scrapbook to share your adventures with family and friends.

You will need

  • Coloured pens or pencils
  • Pens or pencils
  • Stapler
  • A4 paper, enough for five pages per person
  • A4 coloured card, enough for one per person
  • Stickers (optional)

Before you begin

  • Bunch together five pieces of A4 paper and fold in half to make a book, but don’t staple them just yet. Make enough of these for one per person.
  • Spread the equipment out for everyone to use while decorating.
  • Write ‘My Adventure Scrapbook’ on pieces of paper for members of the group to copy if needed.

Story time

  1. Everyone should sit in a circle.
  2. Someone should read Quinn's Scrapbook for Adventures by Jess Connett. This poem is about making and enjoying safe campfires which everyone can have fun around.
  3. After reading the story, everyone should take some time to reflect on it as a group. We’ve included some questions to help you reflect in the pink box below.

Scrapbook creation

  1. Explain to everybody that they will be creating a scrapbook to record their adventures.
  2. Have a chat with everyone about what a scrapbook is and the different ways to record a trip, including drawing pictures, taking photos, writing down memories, or sticking in mementoes like maps and tickets.
  3. Everyone should choose a piece of coloured card and finish making their scrapbook.
  1. Everyone should draw themselves in the square, write ‘My Adventure Scrapbook’ and their name on the cover, and do any further decorations that they like.
  2. After everyone has finished, the person leading the activity should explain that everyone can take their scrapbooks home and fill them with their adventures. When their books are full they can bring them back to show everybody what they have been up too.

Sharing our adventures

  1. When someone brings back a completed scrapbook, they can decide how they would like to share their adventures.
  1. Encourage them to show any pictures, drawings or mementoes, or read out what they have written.


This activity encouraged everyone to develop skills and practice communication by being creating and sharing experiences. During the activity, everyone made some decisions for themselves, learned how to create a book full of memories, and built their confidence by sharing those memories with other people.

Story time

  • Can you remember any adventures you've had?
  • What would you like to put in a scrapbook to remember?

Scrapbook creation

  • What did you learn about scrapbooks? What did you enjoy about making them?
  • Did you help someone else with their scrapbook? How did that make you feel?

Sharing your adventures

  • How did it feel to share your adventures with other people?
  • What was your favourite adventure in your scrapbook? What other adventures would you like to go on?


All activities must be safely managed. Use the safety checklist to help you plan and risk assess your activity. Do a risk assessment and take appropriate steps to reduce risk. Always get approval for the activity and have suitable supervision and an InTouch process.

Sharp objects

Teach young people how to use sharp objects safely. Supervise them appropriately throughout. Store all sharp objects securely, out of the reach of young people.