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Action replay

Take it in turns to give your friends a demo of your favourite sport. What will you choose?
Plan a session with this activity

Before you begin

  • Before the session, let everyone know that they’ll need to bring in equipment, uniform, or pictures of a sport they do. This could be a sport they play in their own time, at home or as part of a club.
  • If people don’t play a sport, they could bring something in for another activity or hobby they do.
  • You could invite parents and carers to join – maybe some of them will be sportspeople too.

Get ready to show and tell

  1. Everyone should take 10 minutes to think about how they want to tell the others about their sport. They should think about what they’ll include, for example, the key rules, the clothes, or the equipment.
  1. Everyone should prepare to present; they may want to write some notes, make a poster, or get their equipment ready.

Action replay

  1. Split everyone into two groups. One will present first while one learns, then they’ll swap.
  1. One of the groups should present their sports. It’s up to them how they do this - people could take it in turns to present to everyone, or a few people could present at once with the learners moving around the different presenters.
  2. The learners should ask any questions they have about the sport. They may want to ask about which rules are the most important, how long the presenter’s been doing the sport, any competitions or matches the presenter has taken part in, advice the presenter would give new players, skills the presenter could use in another sport, and whether it’s a sport everyone can play. 
  1. The groups should swap so the presenters become learners and the learners become presenters. Everyone should repeat steps two and three to learn about the new presenters’ sports.


This activity was about being physically active. Did everyone learn about different sports today? Sport can be for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, or ability. What were some of the big differences between sports? Some are ball sports, others aren’t; some are fast, and others are slower. Did anyone talk about teamwork in their show and tell? Teamwork is important to lots of sports - even the ones people can do on their own (such as gymnastics or cross country) often have teams in competitions, or people work with others such as coaches. What sorts of skills do people use when playing sport? Some of it’s about physical skills like throwing and catching, but a lot is also about not giving up, about working with other people, and about trying your best.

This activity also needed everyone to communicate to tell others about the sport they do. Did people find it easy to explain their sport? Was it easy for people to explain why they like the sport, and what about it they like? There are lots of different ways to share information – what were some of the things people did today? It can be scary to present to people, so well done to everyone who gave it a go.


All activities must be safely managed. Do a risk assessment and take appropriate steps to reduce risk. Always get approval for the activity and have suitable supervision and an InTouch process.