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Supporting those with no device or internet access

There will be some members within the movement who do not have a device that will enable them to complete the eLearning or who may not have internet access. There are a number of options available which should be explored to help these members complete the training:

  • Completing the training using someone else’s device from within the Group or District. This could be done in the Scout Hall, if there is an internet connection or in a local public space such as a café, many of which now have Wi-Fi available.

  • Some local Appointment Advisory Panel meetings have computers available for new members to complete their getting started training at. Get in touch with them and see if they could accommodate time to enable other members to come and complete their training requirements too.

  • Many libraries still offer internet and computer access. You may need to book a slot but they offer this service free of charge. More information available, depending on your location below: