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Accessibility at the Scouts

What is accessibility?

Accessibility is providing a space that is usable for everyone, regardless of abilities, literacy or experience. 

What does accessibility mean digitally within the Scouts?

As a movement we are constantly working to increase accessibility, and this includes providing the tools and functionality to ensure our website can be used by everyone.

Our commitment

We're committed to providing a platform for everyone. Our content is designed so it's easy digest, regardless of literacy, physical abilities or technical experience. We're focused on making the website design and layout as simple and usable as possible on all devices.

Tools you can use on our site

Check out the following tips you can use across our website.



Thing you could do to make your website accessible

Follow this simple guidance on how you could make your local Scout website more accessible.

Using accessibility tools for independent learning

Discover the accessibility advice for those using IOS, Android and Microsoft Windows, as well as those with no device or access to the internet.

Discover more about the accessibility tools
Useful links

These links are great tools for those looking for more information on accessibility.