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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Becoming a Welcome Conversation Volunteer

Find out what you need to do to become a Welcome Conversation Volunteer

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From 1 June 2024, Welcome Conversations are starting to be rolled out for new volunteers in our Early Adopter Counties. Volunteers in All Other Counties should continue delivering Appointments Panels for new volunteers.

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Welcome Conversation Volunteers

With the Welcome Conversation Volunteer accreditation, you'll help give new volunteers a warm welcome and engage them in a meaningful conversation. You’ll answer any questions they have at the start of their journey, and make sure Scouts is right for them.  

You’ll be a great fit if you:

  • Like to meet new people and share experiences
  • Want to give new volunteers a great start to their journey
  • Are looking for a different opportunity outside of your team’s tasks
  • Are happy to take on extra responsibility
  • Have skills in recruitment from either your own background or within Scouts
  • You simply want to try something new and gain some new skills

Becoming a Welcome Conversation Volunteer

As long as you’ve got the Welcome Conversation Volunteer accreditation you’re able to be a Welcome Conversation Volunteer, which is just an additional task on top of the role you are currently doing.  

You’ll need to be an active, full member of a Group, District or County Team, who's completed the necessary learning, and agreed with the Volunteering Development Team Leader that you’re happy to take on these responsibilities.  

If your only role is a Trustee, or you don’t have a criminal record check, you won’t be able to get the accreditation. For example you could be a Section Team Member in a Group, or a Volunteering Development Team Member in a District / County/Area/Region (Scotland).   

Some volunteers will be able to do this as default as part of their role. Other volunteers will need to be given permission to do this through an accreditation at the discretion of the Lead Volunteer or Volunteering Development Team Leader. 

If you’d like to become a Welcome Conversation Volunteer speak to your Volunteering Development Team Leader or Lead Volunteer about the opportunity. They’ll be able to give the accreditation to you if you meet the criteria and have completed the relevant learning.  

Find out more about Volunteering Development Team Accreditations.


To gain the Welcome Conversation Volunteer accreditation, you’ll need to complete the relevant learning on It will consist of watching three videos plus completing some scenario-based questions, and will take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete.  

All Lead Volunteers and Team Leaders will need to complete this learning before delivering their first Welcome Conversation.


Discover how we give volunteers a special welcome and make sure they have all the information they need in their new role.

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Welcome Conversation eLearning for Early Adopter Counties

From 1 June 2024, volunteers in Early Adopter Counties can complete their Welcome Conversations learning. 

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