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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

Discover what this means

Finding the right team

A tool to help find the perfect team for you

This information should support what is being shared in local briefings and meetings with your local Transformation Leads and leadership teams. Work with your Transformation Leads to plan how and when you will make these changes locally.

It's an exciting time.

We're making lots of changes to the way we volunteer together. This includes introducing new team descriptions, sub-teams, and accreditations, and simplifying our volunteer roles.

There's a team for everyone in our new structure.

So, to find your perfect match, have a chat with your Team Leader or Lead Volunteer to discuss what you're great at and what you enjoy doing at Scouts.

These simple descriptions of some of our teams (mainly in Districts and Counties) will help you find the perfect one that matches your skills and interests. 

Leadership Team

You enjoy:

  • volunteering with and coordinating teams
  • volunteering with Youth Leads
  • championing Our Volunteering Culture

You're great at making sure:

  • teams have all the right volunteers in place
  • teams work well, both on their own and together
  • teams are inclusive and reflect the demographics of the local area
  • teams and Sections are youth-led
  • volunteers are safe   
  • Our Volunteering Culture is followed
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Programme Team

You enjoy:

  • helping Sections work together
  • assisting others in running high-quality programmes
  • mentoring and developing others

You're great at:

  • creating networking opportunities
  • giving expert guidance on how to run programmes
  • finding skilled people to help run adventurous activities
  • reviewing and approving activities and permits 
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Volunteering Development Team

You enjoy:

  • recruiting and welcoming new volunteers
  • being a helping hand for volunteers
  • guiding volunteers through their learning

You're great at:

  • celebrating volunteers achievements
  • making sure volunteers have the skills they need
  • keeping volunteers motivated as they complete their learning
  • finding brilliant volunteers
  • giving a great welcome and induction
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Trustee Board

You enjoy:

  • planning for the future
  • volunteering behind the scenes
  • thinking about the big picture

You're great at:

  • helping others to get things done
  • planning and thinking for the long term
  • managing money, risks, and buildings
  • making sure teams follow policies and legislation
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Support Team

You enjoy:

  • engaging with local communities
  • setting up new groups
  • getting stuff done

You're great at:

  • looking after property and equipment
  • engaging with local community leaders
  • administration
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14-24 Team

You enjoy:

  • volunteering with Explorer Units, Young Leaders and Scout Network.  
  • mentoring and developing Young Leaders

You're great at:

  • coaching Young Leaders
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