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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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14-24 Teams

Understand how 14-24 Teams support Explorer, Young Leader and Scout Network Section Teams in Districts

Team Description


The 14–24 Team helps all volunteers in Explorer, Young Leader, and Scout Network Section Teams. They help Section Teams plan and deliver great programmes for young people.

  • 14–24 Team Leaders 
  • 14–24 Team Members  

Other volunteers are automatically members of this team because of their roles in Scouts:  

  • Section Team Leaders of each section for 14–24-year-olds (Explorer, Young Leader, and Scout Network Section Teams)  

Support Explorer, Young Leader, and Scout Network Section Teams by making sure:  

  • The views and ideas of young people shape decisions in the 14–24 Team and its Sections.
  • Section Teams help young people feel welcome and included, and make changes (when needed) so the environment and activities are accessible for everyone.
  • The demographics of young people and adults reflect their local area.
  • To meet the needs of 14–24 year olds through the Explorer or Scout Network programme, and creating opportunities to volunteer as a Young Leader. 

Develop our volunteers: 

  • Make sure any helpers are briefed on the practical aspects of safety and safeguarding. This includes giving them a copy of the Yellow Card, confirming they’ve read and understood it. Make sure helpers know who to speak to if they have any concerns.
  • Make volunteers aware of Our Volunteering Culture, and make sure they reflect on it, commit to it, and apply it in their teams.
  • Work with volunteers to share skills between Section Teams.

Support the 14–24 Sections: 

  • Make sure all safety incidents are reported in the right way.
  • Make sure any safeguarding concerns are reported directly to the UKHQ Safeguarding Team.
  • Look after first aid kits and accident forms for the Sections and their meeting places.
  • Make sure the Sections run smoothly.       
  • Work with Group and Section Teams to check there are Young Leaders in all Squirrel, Beaver, Cub, and Scout Section Teams.
  • Look after membership system records for volunteers and young people.
  • Look after enquiries for joining and moving between Sections.

We expect that members of this team will take part in regulated activity.

Please note:

  • In Counties without Districts, County 14-24 Teams should also use this team description.
  • The Scout Network Section Team may be informally known as 'Network'.
  • Young Leaders are Explorers who volunteer in a Squirrel, Beaver, Cub or Scout Section Team. They play an active role in the Section, bringing fresh ideas and acting as positive role models for young people.


Accreditations are a way of sharing tasks and responsibilities where a volunteer needs to be given certain permissions to take these on.

The District 14-24 Team has one accreditation linked to it - Nominated Person. This allows volunteers, with the appropriate professional training, to provide support to young people with certain care needs. You can find out more about this accreditation with the Leadership Team Accreditations.

Helpful resources

We've compiled some of the most useful resources for Team Members and Team Leaders to look through, to help them understand their responsibilities. These links don't cover everything though, and Team Leaders should make sure that all the tasks on the Team Description are being carried out.

What you need to do to be ready for change

There are simple actions that all volunteers can take to make sure that they, and their team, are ready for change. From making sure that data is up-to-date, to understanding the changes, and how processes may change locally. 

Find out what you need to do to prepare for change

Information for volunteers who lead teams

There are some responsibilities that sit with Team Leaders, such as welcoming volunteers to the team, and making sure that everyone knows what tasks they're working on, and has the support they need.

Read our guidance for Lead Volunteers and Team Leaders