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More engaging learning

Find out how we're creating more engaging learning for our volunteers

You might have heard - things are changing at Scouts, especially when it comes to learning. We're making improvements to make sure our fantastic volunteers have a better learning experience.

Our goal is to give more of our volunteers the skills and knowledge they need to make our programme even better. This is so more young people can gain skills for life.

So, what's happening? We're introducing a new digital learning tool and a new way to understand learning at Scouts called the Learning Tree. It consists of our Growing Roots and Branching Out learning.

Of course, there are some things we learn through eLearning, courses, and other structured forms of learning, but most of what you’ll learn is probably through learning by doing. Learning from your fellow volunteers, trying new things, and even making mistakes are all part of how you'll learn with us.

We know that learning never really stops, so we're going to keep working hard in 2024, 2025 and beyond to create more learning opportunities for you. Our learning will keep growing, just like a tree. We're dedicated to offering you the best learning opportunities.

Changes to the Wood Badge

We're updating the Wood Badge with a fresh approach, with input from today's volunteers.

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The Learning Tree

Check out what's involved within our Growing Roots and Branching Out learning.

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Transition from Training Scheme to Learning

Find out more about the transition from Getting Started training to Growing Roots learning.

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