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Digital Safeguarding

Photography, video and audio recording at Scout events

With a few simple guidelines your photography, video and audio (collectively digital assets) of Scout activities and events will ensure you protect others while creating content to promote Scouting.

Learn more about recording at Scout events

Emails and text messaging guidance for volunteers

These guidelines are to help volunteers and other adults ensure that we make the best use of new technologies, while protecting both the young people in our care and preventing ourselves from being placed in a vulnerable position.

Read the guidelines on emails and messaging

Staying Safe Online

Keeping everyone safe is the number one concern for all of us at the Scouts. That’s why we all need to continue to follow the Code of Behaviour set out in the Yellow Card when connecting with young people online. 

Read the guidance for staying safe online

The Yellow Card

To give positive guidance, the 'Young People First' code of practice (also known as the yellow card) sets out a code of behaviour for all adults in Scouting.

Read the Yellow Card