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Scout Knife Safety Guidance

Great illustrated advice for safely using knives with young people and adults alike as it is too easy to have an accident.

Introduction to knife safety


(Published April 2022, replacing November 2019)

Additional Leaders Notes

Leaders can also print off and read the main Scout Survival Skills Badge: Knife Safety resource pack, which can be found on our website. This provides Scouts and leaders with information on knife law, knife safety and knife maintenance. It also outlines some of the main tools on a Swiss Army Knife, as well as lockable and fixed blade knives, what jobs they can be used for and how to use them. There are activities at the end of the pack for Scouts to complete which will help them achieve the part of the badge requirements based on knife or multi-tool skills.

The Survival Skills Badge Requirements asks Scouts to:

  • Show that you know basic knife or multi-tool skills, including safety and sharpening.

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