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Guidance on managing menstrual health on nights away activities.


(Published April 2022)

Good hygiene practices on camp minimises the risk of anyone becoming ill and contributes to all enjoying their camping experience. Leaders are encouraged to discuss good personal hygiene with young people; from washing to the use of sanitary products (these are the products used to catch menstrual flow, such as pads, cloths, tampons or cups). This guidance focusses on the key considerations relating to menstrual hygiene on nights away activities.

It is best if young people provide their preferred products themselves while on a camp, but it is helpful to make additional sanitary products available (including sanitary disposals bags) as well as supportive products for menstrual health more broadly (such as soap, underwear and pain relief). Ensure everyone is aware of how they can access and use these products if they need additional guidance.

The term ‘sanitary waste disposal’ primarily refers to the disposal of menstrual hygiene products.  Commercial campsites are legally required to adhere to a range of sanitary waste disposal regulations. Campsite toilets and wash rooms have to provide appropriate toilets for disposal of human waste and sanitary waste disposal bins for used sanitary products along with hand washing facilities.

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