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Being a Cub leader

At Cubs

Cubs are managed locally, with a maximum of 36 young people within a Pack at any one time.  Most Packs meet on a weekday evening, with special events like days out and nights away scheduled throughout the year. Others might meet less frequently, or on the weekends, depending on local arrangements.

Cubs start small but think big, making the very most of what they have and seeking out adventures wherever they go. Throughout their journey, you’ll help them work towards a range of skill-boosting badges and awards. From athletics and astronomy to photography and pioneering, there’s something for everyone to get stuck into.

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In terms of structure, there may be more than one Cub leader in charge, or there may be just one. Other volunteers in the section – such as Assistant Cub Scout Leaders and occasional helpers – usually take on different responsibilities to help. Whether you assign someone to help you count the pennies, to share their knowledge on a particular topic, or to do the dishes on camp, it’s all about working with your fellow volunteers to make it happen.