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Activities for understanding crises

Learn about international crises, welcome new members and make a difference.

We’ve gathered together activities from our Scouts Activity Finder, with some created with British Red Cross and Save the Children UK, to help support young people that are impacted by crisis around the globe.

Grief and bereavement

We know that young people may experience grief and bereavement in relation to international crises and will want to explore these within scouting.

Some activities include:


Peace is all about friendship, harmony and a lack of conflict, but how do we talk about this with our young people?

Some activities include:

  • Find activities to explore and promote peace in WOSM’s Dialogue for Peace resources: Choose your activities | World Scouting
  • Explore a story of peace from Islam and learn about the black stone, with a balloon-balancing activity.
  • Plan an event in your local area to raise awareness of the issues refugees and displaced children face.
  • Discover what WOSM (World Organisation of the Scout Movement)  have to say about Peace.
  • Explore how it feels to be on the receiving end of differential treatment in Equity spaghetti.

We all know how important it is to look after ourselves, so why not try an activity with wellbeing in mind?

Some activities include:

Be kind

Try out some of our kindness-based activities to show that a little love and compassion will go a long way to making the world a better place.

Some activities include:

Talking about conflict or natural disasters

We know crises around the world, such as conflict or natural disasters, can be difficult to deal with, but talking about what’s happening can help.

Some activities include:

British Red Cross Teaching Resources

Explore British Red Cross’ free teaching and learning resources to help connect human crisis with human kindness.

Discover the resources >