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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Roverway 2024

22 July to 5 August 2024, Norway

Roverway is a European event for Scouts and Guides aged 16-22, which takes place every 3-6 years.

The next Roverway will take place in Norway in summer 2024, and our UK Contingent includes participants, International Service Team (IST) and Contingent Management Team (CMT).

Information for the UK Contingent

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What happens at Roverway?

Roverway is a unique event due to its age range and emphasis on youth-led adventure. Find out more about the history of Roverway since 2003.

In 2024, the event is divided into three parts:

During the first five days, participants will explore a 'path' in locations such as Oslo, Bergen, Trondheim and Aalesund. Patrols will choose their path with options to suit everyone, from adventurous to cultural and creative.

Our UK patrols will join patrols from other countries to complete their chosen path, under the supervision of a Path Leader, International Service Team (IST) and Norwegian Scout Groups.

One of the highlights of Roverway is the opportunity for young people to truly shape their experience – and the paths will cater for many different interests.

All the patrols join for a large camp near Stavanger. Stavanger is often called 'the gateway to the fjords', and its location on the west coast affords it access to some of Norway’s most iconic scenery.

The camp is a chance to share stories from their paths and to take part in a programme of activities with young people from across Europe and beyond.

The final part of Roverway is the post-event, which sees the UK Contingent come together for a shared and unique experience.

After catching the overnight ferry to Denmark, we'll have 2 days to explore the capital city, Copenhagen.

The post-event will be actively designed by participants through our YouShape Team.

Our vision

We're working hard to make Roverway 2024 the best possible experience for our participants and volunteers. Our UK Contingent will be:

Goal: To be inclusive of Scouts from all backgrounds. 

Objective: The UK Contingent to Roverway 2024 will improve upon the representation of UK Scouting’s socio-economic, religious and ethnic background, compared to the most recent international events.

Goal: To empower young people to shape their Roverway experience.


  1. At least 75% of participants and IST members will attend a face-to-face preparation event prior to Roverway 2024​.
  2. At least 95% of participants will feel they have shaped their own adventure and experience of Roverway 2024.

Goal: To inspire our contingent to create their own future adventures.


  1. At least 50% of participants will be working towards a Top Award as a result of Roverway 2024​.
  2. ​​At least 75% of participants want to take part in, or lead, a future international Scout event.
  3. At least 95% of participants will feel they have gained new skills and capabilities as a result of Roverway 2024.
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UK Contingent Brand

Make waves about Roverway 2024 with our UK Contingent brand! Our logos and guidelines are available on the Brand Centre.

We have more materials available for designing things locally. Send us a Support Form to request the files.

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Meet the Contingent Management Team

The CMT are the adult volunteers leading our UK Contingent to Roverway 2024.

Meet the CMT