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Joint activities with other organisations - except Girlguiding


(Published January 2018, last reviewed March 2022 with no updates)


This aims to provide guidance and advice to those running and approving joint activities with other organisations, with the exception of those undertaken with Girlguiding where specific guidance is in place FS120007.

What is a joint activity?

A joint activity is one where young people from both organisations are present to undertake activities together. During these activities an adult from both organisations must be present to ensure that their policies are followed.

This does not include adults from one organisation supporting the delivery of activity for another.

When a single young person chooses to attend an activity or event organised and delivered by another organisation this should be managed through their rules and processes and the parents should be made aware that this is not treated as a Scouting activity. The parents therefore have the responsibility to ensure they are happy with the way in which the activity is being managed.

What approval is required?

Where activities are undertaken with another organisation they must be approved by the County Commissioner.

In approving the activity the Commissioner or their representative must be satisfied that:

  • the Child Protection and Safety Polices of the Association will be adhered to;
  • all adults undertaking the joint activity have been deemed suitable to work with young people;
  • the other organisation is aware of The Scout Association’s internal rules and good practice.
  • the other organisation is suitably covered by insurance to undertake the proposed joint activities with members of the Scout Movement. 

What rules do we follow?

When running a joint activity The Scout Associations policies and rules must be followed for its members. This means that any activity rules (chapter 9 of POR) must be followed, we do not recognise the internal qualifications of other organisations. If the activity leader is from the other organisation the person leading the activity must hold the qualifications outlined in the externally lead section of the A-Z directory for the specific activity.

Rules relating to joint activities

Rule 9.9 Joint activities or joint use of facilities with other youth organisations