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Campsites and activity centres

There are a number of ways you can find Scout campsites and Scout Adventures centres:

  • Scout Adventures has a network of national centres across the UK who can provide a range of residential and activity options.
  • The Association of Scout and Guide Centres (ASGC) provide a directory of all centres that are members of their association.

Prohibited and restricted camping directory

There are a number of areas around the country that are unsuitable for scout camping for a number of reasons. The prohibited and restricted camping directory  lists those areas and the reasons. Please consult this directory before planning a camp, or as a DC before granting approval for any camp to go ahead.

Read the directory

Youth Hostelling

The Youth Hostel Association (YHA) offers free membership to all scout groups/units. Further details of how to apply for this can be found from the YHA.

Discover the YHA