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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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Money Skills

Help young people develop financial skills for life with our Money Skills programme – in partnership with HSBC UK.

We’re looking for enthusiastic Beaver Colonies and Cub Packs to get involved in an exciting new opportunity, helping young people to develop life-long financial skills.

Teaming up with HSBC UK, young people will be given the chance to learn financial skills from experts in the field, through the first academic badge of its kind.

We're training HSBC volunteers on how to deliver engaging, exciting and practical sessions to Beavers and Cubs, helping them develop into well-rounded, confident and ‘money savvy’ individuals.

This is a fantastic opportunity for Beavers and Cubs nationwide, giving them the chance to earn their Money Skills badge.

Registering for a Money Skills session

Registrations to receive a Money Skills session are currently paused, while we train more HSBC volunteers.

The link to sign up will be added to this page as soon as we've enough volunteers available.

Four Beavers are gathered round a table, and they are counting money. The young boy and girl, whose faces we can see, look very excited and have big smiles.

We're currently training HSBC volunteers across the UK on how to use their finance knowledge to deliver practical, fun and engaging sessions to young people.

Once trained, they'll be available to deliver Money Skills sessions to Beaver Colonies and Cub Packs around their local area. This could be a number of sessions or a standalone, depending on what you feel your young people would benefit from most.

HSBC volunteers will be made aware of the Beaver Colonies and Cub Packs in their area who've expressed an interest in receiving a Money Skills session. They'll then contact you to organise the session. 

Please note that although HSBC volunteers will be planning and delivering the session, it's important that the volunteer team responsible for the young people are present at the time.

HSBC volunteers will be responsible for creating risk assessments, but a responsible Scouts volunteer must look over the assessment and discuss it with the HSBC volunteer and section volunteer team ahead of the session.

Beaver Colonies and Cub Packs that express an interest in a Money Skills session will be contacted by an HSBC volunteer in your area from the autumn term.

You'll then be able to arrange with the HSBC volunteer a suitable time for them to come to your group and deliver the session.

It’s a scientific fact that young people form money habits from a very early age.

For this reason, it’s important to help guide and teach young people about money, allowing them to form positive habits that they'll take with them throughout the rest of their lives.

Using carefully structured and practical activities, along with the expertise of HSBC volunteers, we can come together to make sure young people across the UK develop the best skills to help inform their future decisions.

By completing this badge, Beavers and Cubs will be learning money skills that will last them a lifetime.

As we're in the beginning stages of launching the programme, it's only Beaver Colonies and Cub Packs within the UK who'll initially have access to this opportunity.

Money Skills activity badges

HSBC UK have supported us to create fun and practical new Money Skills activity badges for Beavers and Cubs.

Discover the Beavers Money Skills badge

Discover the Cubs Money Skills badge


Find out more about how we’re working with HSBC UK to create new and interesting ways for young people to engage with money from an early age.

Our partnership with HSBC UK