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Scouts around the world

A great way of supporting Scouts in the UK in their understanding of being part of a global movement is by putting them in contact with Scouts in other countries, there are a number of ways you can do this..

There are British Scouts in countries all over the world who are part of British Scouting Overseas this is a great way to make contact with another country, ask for links with local groups or find out about that country's culture.

Even if you’re not visiting a country, linking with groups another way – via email/letters/skype etc. is a valuable opportunity to explore Scouting's similarities and differences across cultures. This is a great way of supporting young people to value the similarities between Scouts across the world, despite our very different backgrounds and experiences.

International Links and JOTA and JOTI are great ways of connecting with Scouts in other countries.

Overseas branches of The Scouts

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Volunteering abroad

Volunteering in another country can be a life-changing experience for you to meet new people, develop new skills and experience living in a different culture.

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