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Going abroad with Scouting

International adventures are an amazing part of being a Scout with endless possibilities to meet Scouts in other countries, explore new cultures and plan exciting expeditions.

Process and planning for your trip abroad

You may be considering taking a group of young people abroad, but are unsure of exactly what is involved in organising a trip.

Everything you need to know ahead of your trip >
Arranging for travel abroad

Includes the visits abroad process, visa information as well as suggestions for where to get ideas and support when arranging trips abroad.

Arranging for travel abroad >
Fundraising for visits abroad

See our fundraising guidance and see the grants available for abroad Scouting.

See more information on fundraising >
Incidents and treatment abroad

Although most visits abroad go without a hitch, precautions must be taken in case of illness or accident.

Read the guidance >
Camping in Europe

If you're planning a trip to Europe, there is an online database which gives information on European Scout Centres.

Learn more about camping >
International camp staff programmes

See our guidance on international camp stuff programmes, including with the Boy Scouts of America.

International camp staff programmes >
Colony and Pack Visits Abroad

As part of a high quality programme for young people, you may wish to take them overseas with Scouting.

Colony and Pack Visits Abroad >
Host and Home Hospitality Guidance

When UK groups travel overseas, members under the age of 18 must not participate in home hospitality experiences; this is due to significant challenges with ensuring the safety of the young people while in the host homes and as it falls outside of the Scout’s Safeguarding policy. 

Host and Home Hospitality Guidance >