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Guidelines for Locally Organised National Events (LONE)

[Guidelines Last updated: January 2022]

What is a 'Locally Organised National Event' (LONE)? 

Any UK-based scouting event organised outside of UK Headquarters which is promoted as ‘National’ or ‘UK’ needs to gain approval to be branded this way.

For example:

Your local 'Scout Orienteering Day' may be so well organised that it attracts groups of scouts from other parts of the UK. You may therefore wish to rebrand the event as the 'National Scout Orienteering Day', and challenge each Scout District from across the country to send a team to the event.

National approval comes from the Scouts' Events and Contingents Sub-Group, which has delegated authority from the Scouts' Strategy and Delivery Committee. 

Support from UK Headquarters

The following support is available. Please get in touch to request. 

  • Advice to the event organiser by relevant members of UKHQ teams 
  • Promotion via, social media and other member communications as appropriate 
  • Where possible, a visit from a member of Team UK to your event. Please complete the request form on the Team UK webpage.   Please check with your County/Area/Region (Scotland) Commissioner first, and give plenty of notice. 
  • You can also create promotional materials including posters, social media posts, invitations and banners, on the Scout brand centre. 

We’re also keen to hear from you if you’re planning an event that focuses on making a positive impact on biodiversity or reducing climate change. Further support may be available. 

National SASU Events

If you are involved in leading a National Scout Active Support Unit (SASU), the process for approving a national event is similar to that for LONE events, except that the event is managed by the SASU rather than a Scout County.

To ask for approval to promote a National SASU event, please use the National SASU Event or Contingent Brief form