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Disclosure process in Scotland

Certain roles within Scouting require a Disclosure check to be completed as part of the Appointments Process. This page explains more about Disclosure checking for those who hold roles in Scotland.

To find out which roles require a Disclosure please see the Table of Scottish Appointments.

Disclosure Scotland (Protecting Vulnerable Groups (PVG) Scheme)

A PVG disclosure is an important element for making safer appointment decisions, ensuring that appropriate people can work with vulnerable groups, including children.

More information can be found online about the Disclosure Scotland PVG Scheme.

The process begins when a potential or current volunteer fills out the relevant form.

PVG forms

There are two types of PVG form that a potential or current volunteer can complete:

  • ‘Application to join the PVG Scheme’ form – for someone who has not previously completed a PVG Disclosure check with Scouting or elsewhere.
  • ‘Existing PVG Scheme Member Application’ form – for someone who is already a member of the PVG Scheme and holds a 16-digit member number.

Your local Appointment Secretary or volunteer line manager will be provided to you with the relevant form.

Local Appointment Secretaries can order PVG forms from Scout Store.

Checking of ID documents

If a volunteer is joining the PVG Scheme, or is already an existing PVG Scheme member, their ID documents will need to be checked when completing a Disclosure.

Three documents will need to be produced, with at least one of those documents being photographic.

Across the three documents, the following applicant information must be provided:

  • Full name (including any middle names)
  • Date of birth
  • Current residential address

Examples of the types of documents that can be used can be found on the PVG forms.

Where is the PVG form sent to?

Once the ID documents are checked locally and the form is completed, it should be passed to the local Appointment Secretary who will then send it on to the Scout Information Centre to continue the process.The Scout Information Centre will process the form and send the information onto Disclosure Scotland.

Issuing of the PVG Disclosure

Once the PVG Disclosure certificate is issued to the volunteer by Disclosure Scotland, the Member Support Department at UKHQ will inform either the relevant Commissioner or the local Appointment Secretary of the outcome and whether the volunteer is able to start in their role. The volunteer’s membership record on Compass will be updated to reflect the outcome.

PVG Disclosure checks are just one element of the National Vetting Process and the issuing of the certificate does not signify that the volunteer is able to begin straight away.

Further Guidance

Information specific to Scouting can be found in guidance notes: