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Headquarters Appointment Process

Scouting is dependent on our great volunteers – from parent helpers, to the UK Chief Commissioner! At a National Level, the appointments process is overseen by the HQ Appointments Committee.

Headquarters Appointments Committee

A group of volunteers, who are responsible for ensuring that the following processes are fair and transparent for a range of national roles:

  • Recruitment and Appointment
  • Induction and Training
  • Appointment Reviews
  • Disagreements
  • End of Suspension Recommendations
  • Cancellation of Appointments

The roles which go through the Committee:

The roles listed below are required to follow the approval requirements set out by the Headquarters Appointments Committee;

  • County/Area Commissioner
  • Regional Commissioner and Assistant Regional Commissioners
  • UK Commissioners
  • International Commissioners
  • Deputy UK Youth Commissioners
  • Chief Commissioners
  • Branches Commissioners
  • BSO Area Commissioners
  • Volunteer Heads of
  • National SASU Managers and Coordinators
  • Contingent Leader, Deputy Leaders, Management and Support Teams
  • Country Training Commissioners
  • Independent Members of Committees to the Board
  • Sub-Group Chairs and Members of Committees to the Board.
  • Programme Sponsors
  • Programme Board Members
  • Project Leads for those involved in the delivery of the portfolio.

However, all appointment processes at headquarters are required to be fair and transparent.

The Headquarters Appointments Process

Additional Support

The Headquarters Appointments Committee is here to help and support volunteers in appointing members to positions across the national level of Scouts. If the information you’re looking for can’t be found on this webpage or you’ve got some questions, please get in touch.

Recruitment Process – Stage 1

Before conducting an appointment process, volunteers are required to seek approval from the Headquarters Appointments Committee to ensure that we’re following a fair and transparent process.

Complete the HQ Appointments Form

Diversity Monitoring Form

When applications are received, all candidates should be reminded to complete the diversity monitoring form as part of the process.

Complete the Diversity Monitoring Form

Appointment Approval – Stage 3

Following the completion of an appointment process, volunteers are required to seek approval from the Headquarters Appointments Committee to ensure that a fair and transparent process was undertaken. This is done by returning the update request email sent after your first submission.

Review Process

When a volunteer reaches their review period, line managers are required to inform the Headquarters Appointments Committee and seek approval of the review.

Fill out the Appointment Review form