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Volunteering at Scouts is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing to help us reach more young people

Volunteering is changing at Scouts. Read more

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HQ Appointment Process

We're proud that Scouts is a volunteer led movement. Working in partnership with our staff team and local volunteers, our national team serves the whole movement. There are over 300 volunteers involved at UK HQ level.

Headquarters Appointments

Headquarters appointments and processes are all overseen and agreed by the Chief Volunteering Officer and UK Lead Volunteer for People, supported by the Deputy UK Chief Volunteer and the HQ Volunteering Services Team. 

They oversee the recruitment process, including advertising, recruitment, shortlisting and selection, and following the completion of an appointment process, ensure that a fair and transparent process was undertaken. 

They are also supported by the UK HQ Volunteer Support Team, a group of 10 volunteers involving in the design, development and support of HQ appointments. 

The Headquarters Appointments Process

The following process is to be followed from the 1st September 2023. This process enables an open, transparent, fair and competitive process to take place for these roles. This process is supported by our 'Guidance Document'.

The following roles are classified as ‘UK HQ’ roles, and therefore must follow the guidance within this page.

  • County/Area/Island Lead Volunteer
  • Regional Lead Volunteer 
  • UK Lead Volunteers and Teams
  • Chief Volunteer for International and Team
  • UK Youth Team Members
  • Chief Volunteers
  • Lead Volunteers for the Branches and British Overseas Territories 
  • BSO Area Lead Volunteer
  • National SASU Managers and Coordinators
  • Contingent Leader, Deputy Leaders, Management and Support Teams
  • Independent Members of Committees to the Board
  • Sub-Group Chairs and Members of Committees to the Board
  • Programme Sponsors and Board Members
  • Project Sponsors and Board Members 


For new/replacement appointments 

Please allow at least 4 weeks to follow this section of the process. We advise at least 2 weeks for online recruitment. 

When looking to appoint an individual to a vacant position, the following should be followed as the first steps to appointing a volunteer:

  • Define role description and check appointment requirements.
  • Alert HQ to the vacancy by completing the initial vacancy form. This triggers all the links and information needed to start the vacancy.
    • If this is a brand-new role, the initial vacancy form will ask for further details on the reason and purpose for the role, cost centres and budget approval, benefits of the role, and the impact if not created and filled  
  • Identify the advertising methods available and generate the applicant pack
  • Identify the selection panel that contains a gender balance, young person aged 18-25 and ethnic diversity that’s reflective of the community that the role serves. We recommend at least 3 people on the panel, but around 6 to be part of a successful search group 
  • Agree the timeline of the vacancy with the selection panel 
  • Identify the selection criteria for the vacancy and outline the methods to be used for the selection process. 
  • Submit the HQ Volunteer Appointments - Recruitment Plan to the HQ Volunteering Services Team for oversight.  
  • The HQ Volunteering Services Team will check the plan and raise any initial queries or questions and then arrange to upload the vacancy onto the national website, Charity Jobs and create the application and nomination forms.  
  • Volunteer Line Managers and search groups are then able to share and promote the vacancy and outreach to as many people as possible. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for this.

Following advertisement of the vacancy and after reaching the closing date, the following steps should be undertaken: 

  • Applications are received and candidates are reminded to complete the diversity monitoring form.
  • Following advertisement of the vacancy and after reaching the closing date, the following steps should be undertaken:
  • Selection panel shortlist candidates
  • Selection panel check shortlisted names with HQ Volunteering. Please allow up to 7 days for us to complete this part of the process.
  • Once vetting is confirmed, the line manager informs the applicants whether they’ve been successful/unsuccessful for selection. At this stage successful candidates are strongly encouraged to discuss the role with their current line manager.
  • Selection panel to provide feedback for unsuccessful applicants at shortlist who applied.
  • Selection panel undertake the selection event following the process outlined in the recruitment plan.
  • Selection panel discuss and come to a decision on the successful candidate/s and agree feedback for unsuccessful candidates.
  • Inform successful candidate/s of the outcome of the selection process 

Following the success of the selection process undertake the following steps:

  • Inform unsuccessful candidates and offer the successful candidate(s) the position. Agree that either the recruiting line manager or the successful candidate informs their current Scouts line manager.  
  • Request references from the successful candidate and begin the DBS process if applicable
  • Inform the HQ Volunteering Services Team of the final outcome using the ‘Update Request’ email that was sent in response to your recruitment plan.
  • The HQ Volunteering Officer will update roles as required on Compass (and process the DBS paperwork where required)
  • The new volunteer will be provided with a Training Adviser by the Manager of UK Training Advisers (where applicable).
  • HQ Volunteering Services Team to provide initial induction pack.
  • Line Manager supports the successful candidate through their welcome conversation and induction. 


For Interim and Acting Appointments 

As per POR Rule 16.6.2, if you are appointing an acting Commissioner, please let HQ Volunteering know: 

  • The end date for the current Commissioner 

  • The start date for the interim Commissioner  

  • The end date for the interim role 

  • The proposed date to start recruitment to the full role 

You must arrange a full recruitment process, ideally within 6 months of the acting appointment.  


Additional Information

Scouts is an inclusive, values-based movement and membership is open to all those who share our fundamental values. The Equal Opportunities Policy outlines what we do to ensure the movement is open and accessible; and that people are treated equally and with respect.

Selection panels should normally comprise at least three people (but we would recommend five members), including the appointing line manager, a staff member supporting the process and at least one member who must be under 25. The composition of each selection group should reflect the ethnic diversity of local communities as appropriate.

The HQ Volunteering Services Team and the National Inclusion Team are available to support all selection panels in achieving these requirements where appropriate. To gain this support we're contactable via email.

Where an individual has been in an acting capacity on a temporary basis for more than six months, and a full recruitment process has been completed and has been unsuccessful, and the individual would be willing to stay in the role for a longer term, the following can be undertaken:

  • Line manager to agree with the acting volunteer that they are happy to take on the role for the longer term.
  • Selection panel reaches a panel agreement on the acting candidate and full appointment.
  • Inform the HQ Volunteering Services Team via the update request from your appointment process. 
  • Once approved the line manager should support the successful candidate through their induction.
  • The line manager is responsible for ensuring that the appointee completes their required training.
  • Training requirements for roles can be found in POR Chapter 16: Roles Tables.
  • The completion of training is monitored through the Manager of UK Training Advisers.
  • The Manager of UK Training Advisers shall keep a record of the dates of provisional appointment expiry and required completion of a Wood Badge (where applicable). Should training obligations not be met within one month of the recorded required completion date, the Manager of UK Training Advisers shall inform the HQ Volunteering Services Team. 
  • The HQ Volunteering Services Team shall then contact the line manager to discuss what action and support is required.


Roles that report to the Chief Volunteer of Scotland are approved by the Scotland Appointments Advisory Committee (AAC) which has a Chair, a staff member acting as Secretary and independent members. Induction and Training are not led by the AAC, the line manager is responsible for the induction plan and the Scotland Lead Volunteer for Adult Training for appointing a TA.


There are no variances.

Northern Ireland

There are no variances.


Template vacancy packs are available via the Growth and Communities Managers for County Lead Volunteer and Regional Lead Volunteer vacancies

After an informal review, share the notes of the conversation with the volunteer. This might be what they’ve done well, their opportunities to develop, or ways to make their volunteering experience better. You can use this to make sure the volunteer feels supported and valued between each review.  

After a formal review the volunteer will either: 

  1. continue in their current role, 

  1. change role, or 

  1. leave Scouts. 

You'll record the details of the review and the outcome on the Appointment Review Form, which is then given to the HQ Volunteering Services Team update the members record on Compass. 

Form 1 - Initial Vacancy Form

If you have a vacancy at UK HQ level, this form starts the process, sending all the links and guidance needed to begin the recruitment and selection process

Complete the Initial Vacancy Form