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Adverse Disclosures

Local consideration

(December 2016)


Obtaining a valid disclosure from the relevant agency (DBS, ANI, PVG), together with completing the relevant Headquarters checks and local appointments process, play an essential part in safeguarding the young people in Scouting. Where information is provided on a disclosure certificate, that information is assessed in accordance with the Safeguarding and Vetting Decision Guidance document (see POR Chapter 16: Adult Roles) in order to ensure that appropriate recruitment decisions are made. It is critical that throughout this procedure that all information provided by the disclosure authorities, applicants and references are held in line with the Codes of Practice of the disclosure authorities and the Data Protection legislation.


On notification that information is on a disclosure certificate

Safeguarding and Vetting Decision Guidance – local consideration

In cases where the information contained on the disclosure certificate is assessed under the Safeguarding and Vetting Decision Guidance as requiring local consideration:

  •  A letter including, a Headquarters return sheet is sent to the District (or other relevant)

  • The letter will set out the information given on the disclosure certificate (such as the details of the convictions) along with technical advice on the information provided. In addition the letter will suggest a number of questions that could be asked by the Appointment Advisory Committee (AAC) in assessing the appointment.

The information provided is for the District (or other relevant) Commissioner and members of the Appointments Advisory Committee only. It is a offence contrary to S124 of Police Act 1997 / S66 Protection of Vulnerable Groups (Scotland) Act 2007 to reveal any information contained on a disclosure other than to those directly involved in the appointment decision.