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Please tell us if your group is sponsored. If you click yes, a box will be displayed asking you who your sponsor is. When you click on the button, it’ll go grey.

Partnership Agreement

Here you can tell us if you have a partnership agreement between your group and an Explorer Scout Unit. If you click yes, the button will go grey and a list of units in your district should appear. Please click on the relevant unit you have a partnership agreement with. For more information on partnerships agreement, please click here.

Special Status

Some groups have a ‘special status’, as per POR rule 4.12. If you click yes to this question, you’ll be presented with a list of options to indicate what category of special status your group falls into.

Waiting Lists

You’re asked to record the number of young people you have on joining lists for each section. This means the number of young people who are currently (on 31 January 2020) the right age to join that section – don’t record those who’re too young to join. We collect information about how many young people are interested in Scouts so that it can be used locally to inform our growth and development plans. It can help identify where new sections and Groups may be needed. We’ve changed this question for 2020 to recognise that in some areas the waiting list is managed by the District, and in other areas this is managed by Groups. If the Group or its sections primarily manage the waiting list, please click yes, and you will be presented with the fields to tell us how many young people are on your waiting list currently.

Parental engagement

From 2020, we’re asking about what tools people are using to recruit new volunteers. We know that parents are a key source of new volunteers and we’ve released tools here to help make recruitment easier – it’s helpful to know which are being used, and which aren’t. This’ll help inform our work on supporting volunteer recruitment. Please let us know which of these you may have used in the last year: you can select multiple options.