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Review tools

Below are a variety of review forms, some written and some pictorial, that you can hand out at the end of a training session. They will help you to evaluate learners' responses to your training and make any improvements next time round.

Participant feedback questionnaire

A useful questionnaire you can share with your learners once you have finished your course.

Download and print the questionnaire


Draw a line on or colour in the thermometer to show how successful you
thought the session was in meeting its objectives.

Download and print the thermometer


Draw a dart in the dartboard to show how close you thought each session
came to hitting its objective: closer to the bull – very good, further away from
the bull very poor

Download and print the dartboard

What went well form

This print out can be used to help with observation, interpretation and future plan.

Download and print the review form

Other resources for delivering training events