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Personal Learning Plan

Every learning journey is different. Meet with your Training Adviser to create a Personal Learning Plan that takes into account the requirements for your volunteer role and your individual learning needs.

The plan will show the training and the support that you will receive to help you to carry out the responsibilities and fulfil the training requirements for your role.

Once you have agreed your role description with your line manager you need to create a plan for your own training called a personal learning plan. The plan will detail not only those modules that you need to do, and some others you might like to do, but also how you will do the learning required for them. For most roles there are a number of modules to complete. The Adult’s Personal File contains all the details of the modules that you need.

You can either create your plan on your own using this information, or create it with a training adviser. You may wish to discuss the process of developing your plan, or meet with a training adviser before starting step one of the workbook, but this is not essential. Whichever route you choose, you will have to agree your plan with a training adviser before you start carrying it out. A training adviser will help you split your plan into manageable parts. They will also meet with you regularly to review your progress.

Creating your plan