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Sexual orientation

Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation is about romantic or sexual attraction to other people. For example, a person could be:

  • heterosexual or ‘straight’: attraction to those of the opposite gender
  • homosexual or gay: attraction to those of the same gender
  • lesbian: a female who is gay
  • bi-sexual: attraction to more than one gender
  • pansexual: attraction that is not limited to gender
  • asexual: someone who does not experience sexual attraction
  • questioning: someone questioning their sexual orientation

Scouting is open to all and welcomes young people and adults, regardless of their sexual orientation. This guidance has information on supporting young people and adult volunteers, as well as providing contact details for external organisations who can provide additional information and support.

It's important that in Scouts all young people and adults feel welcome, included and valued for who they are. Be aware that someone who is LGBT+ may have experienced discrimination or bullying in other areas of their life. Therefore it’s ever more important that scouting creates a positive, supportive environment which actively celebrates difference.